Burnt Ones and The Mallard to release a split 7″

For those still reeling after the announcement that The Mallard, a post-punk project of Greer McGettrick, would no longer be a band last year - there is hope yet. The Mallard will be doing a posthumous split 7" alongside San Francisco scuzz rockers Burnt Ones on Mt. St. Mtn. Though the split 7" is scheduled for a May 6 release, Mt. St. Mtn is streaming Burnt Ones' side that includes a tune called "Glass Dream R.I.P.S.". Reverb-filled and glam rock-influenced, the track is delightfully eery. Listen to the track below: https://soundcloud.com/mt-st-mtn/burnt-ones-glass-dream-r-i-p-s As for The Mallard side, remember patience is a [...]

Mixtape: Fourteen of the Bay Area's Best Record Labels (Podcast #325)

http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridged/Record_Labels_Mix.mp3 Download: Mixtape: The Bay Area's Best Record Labels (Podcast #325) It's conventional wisdom nowadays that bands no longer need record labels to release music into the world. Still, it would be foolish to think that labels no longer matter. A label association can be a critical stamp of approval for potential new fans; the best labels build audiences' trust to the point that they'll support new artists even before hearing them. All of this is to say nothing, of course, of the distribution services labels can offer, and any financial or booking support they might also provide. In recent [...]

The Mallard Streams final LP on SPIN

Well, ladies and gentlemen and everyone between, here it is. For your listening pleasure, The Mallard is streaming its second and final album, Finding Meaning in Deference, on SPIN, and bloody hell, it's damn good. Borderline indecently good. It simmers in tension, with vocals as manic as ever, buts it's also catchier than anything The Mallard has, or ever will, put out--the cheeky, toe-tapping, head bobbing rhythms of the opener "A Form of Mercy," the riffs on songs like "Guster" and "Decade," the slow groove of "React, " the eerie way Greer McGettrick sings "Just an Ending," like she's telling [...]

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Editors’ Picks: What We’ve Been Listening to This Week (The Mallard, Fossor House, Golden Void, and more)

The Mallard (Photo: Marcus Alcino) Editors’ Picks is a new feature collecting music that we’ve been enjoying recently. Ben: Hearing these new songs by The Mallard leak out one at a time, and knowing that the band has already called it quits, is starting to feel like the beginning of a death by a thousand cuts. It stings all the more because "Crystals & Candles" is the best song I've heard yet from this group yet, a linear, dare I say it?, pop-inclined track that sounds like a band approaching the peak, not teetering on the precipice. Finding [...]

The Mallard Announce New LP, release "Iceberg"

It's been two months since front woman Greer McGettrick pulled the plug on her post-punk project The Mallard, admitting her disenchantment with music and also cushioning the blow with the the promise of a second and final album. Though the band has no plans to support the record with any shows, Finding Meaning in Deference is due to be released July 25th on Castle Face Records, and you can hear the album's closing track, "Iceberg," over at Brooklyn Vegan. While each new piece of the LP might feel like a bittersweet eulogy, there is something exciting about knowing The Mallard left everything [...]

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The Mallard announces break-up, final show 4/18/2013

In a place as musically dense as San Francisco, bands come and go every single week. There are so many in fact, that its often hard to keep up with who is and isn't still making music. But when a band like The Mallard calls it a day, after having captivated a national audience over the last two years with its erratic, psychedelic garage music, people take notice. Following their South by Southwest run, a string of cancelled shows and a hiatus announcement, front woman Greer McGettrick revealed that The Mallard is disbanding for good and will have played their final shows by [...]

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Wax Idols celebrate album release with The Mallard and Chasms at Brick & Mortar, 3/30/13

Oakland post-punk quartet Wax Idols are making a big stand this year, already having recovered from standout festival performances at SXSW and Noise Pop showcases. The band will headline a show at Brick & Mortar Music Hall on Saturday, March 30, with support from The Mallard, Chasms, and DJ Nako. The gig comes just four days after the release of the the band's highly anticipated sophomore LP, Discipline & Desire, out March 26 on Slumberland Records. The label released a three-song sampler of the album on its SoundCloud, which you can stream below. While Wax Idols' debut LP No Future [...]

Review: !!! (Chk Chk Chk), White Arrows, The Mallard, The Yellow Dogs @ Great American Music Hall, 2/28/2013 (Noise Pop 2013)

Photo courtesy: Mike Rosati Photography Day three of Noise Pop 2013 brought a varied lineup to the Great American Music Hall, where dance punk outfits The Yellow Dogs and !!! sandwiched sets by Southern California-based outfit White Arrows and San Francisco's own psych-surf band The Mallard. On paper, these bands make up a tight program of post punk, psychedelic-tinged sound, but what we got was a melting pot of different energies and sounds. Kicking the night off with heavy synthesizers and quick-fired riffs, The Yellow Dogs put on a punchy, dance-inducing show. Hailing from Tehran, Iran the band is one [...]

The Mallard, Shannon and the Clams, Blasted Canyons host fundraiser for Ursula Rodriguez on 2/20/13

Long-time San Francisco resident Ursula Rodriguez (whom you may know from such hits as a being a bartender at Rite Spot, an Amoeba employee, a Bottom of the Hill employee or a KUSF DJ) had a pretty shitty 2012. Not long after her house of 15 years burned down, her car, containing all the stuff she could salvage from her home, was broken into and her possessions stolen. Good thing she’s got such strong ties to the local music community. On February 20th, Brick and Mortar will host a fundraiser to help cover the cost of finding a new home, [...]

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