Photos: The Liners and EagleWolfSnake at Cafe du Nord

The Liners (photo: Robert Alleyne) The Liners and EagleWolfSnake celebrated the release of their joint EP on Saturday, February 3, at San Francisco’s Cafe du Nord. It was a party atmosphere all night in the small downstairs venue on Market Street. Both bands previewed songs from the vinyl release alongside fan favorites for a night of dancing, and good vibes all around!

EagleWolfSnake split the bill with the Liners at Cafe du Nord

You don't hear a whole lot about splits anymore. Once a staple of the merch table in underground scenes, split LPs and EPs have sort of faded away in favor of streaming services or cold, hard concert tickets. But in this tech-choked region, it's not surprising that two local bands are reviving the very sensible practice of splitting an album — the bands save a little cash, and fans get two acts for the price of one. SF's EagleWolfSnake and the Liners are releasing their new split EP this weekend and Cafe du Nord with a joint show. EagleWolfSnake are [...]

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Photos: The Liners at Hotel Utah

The Liners (photo: Robert Alleyne) San Francisco band the Liners opened up for Nashville’s Sound Hound Smith on Saturday night at Hotel Utah. The Liners were rip-roaring fun from start to finish, topped off with powerful vocals from lead singer Carmen King. Their set mixed in songs from their debut EP, as well as offering an opportunity to play new music from their forthcoming record — the latter offering a splash of soul over their soaring guitar-laced rock music. Sound Hound Smith was in the Bay Area playing the final night of a six-stop mini tour which took them all the [...]

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