A call to perform ‘In C’ @ Cafe Du Nord, Nov. 16

San Francisco's renaissance folk ensemble The Lickets propose an interesting opportunity for a few dozen musicians -- to perform Terry Riley's "In C" as a group on Nov. 16 at Cafe Du Nord. More about "In C," a composition of 53 phrases open to interpretation, from Wikipedia: In C is a semi-aleatoric musical piece composed by Terry Riley in 1964 for any number of people, although he suggests "a group of about 35 is desired if possible but smaller or larger groups will work." It is a response to the abstract academic serialist techniques used by composers in the mid-twentieth [...]

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The Lickets @ Hemlock tomorrow, with 2 new albums

The Hemlock changes its pace Tuesday with a bill of ethereal pysch-folk and ambient groups; and it's justifiable to abandon your Vashti records for an evening with The Lickets, Caroline Weeks (London) and Corridor (LA) (9pm, $7). The local headliners have just finished up two new records, Arrow of Expanding Light and Clairvoyant Perception of the Unseen Unicorn, reflecting Empyrean style folk sure to satisfy the followers of Vespers, Jana Hunter and so on. The Lickets - "Clairvoyant Perception of the Unseen Unicorn" Supporting act Caroline Weeks has just embarked on her first solo effort, Songs for Edna [...]

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