Weekend Mix: 9/10-13

Thursday: Fire Child, Via Coma, Orchestra of Antlers, Major US Cities @ The Rickshaw Stop (8pm, $10) Via Coma - "Aquanota" Friday: La Plebe, The Hooks, Hot Heresay @ Uptown (9pm, $10) The Hooks - "So Many Questions" Saturday: The Lovemakers, Hundred Days, Dirty Pillows @ Blank Club (9pm, $12) Hundred Days - "Out of Nowhere" Sunday: Blank Tapes, Magic Leaves, Twain @ The Makeout Room (7:30pm, $7) The Blank Tapes - "Brand New Start"

Noise Pop: Friday Night Preview!

There's no excuse to stay in this weekend, not even the weather - Noise Pop's weekend forecast is more great music, rain or shine. On Friday the exceptional pop arrangements of St. Vincent can be heard at the Great American. "Now now," before she charms your socks off will be That Ghost (Santa Rosa), the quirky sound scientist Rafter (San Diego), and Cryptacize (out of the East Bay - think Camera Obscura with a splash of Deerhoof). Here’s a preview of what’s to be of their sophomore Asthmatic Kitty release, Mythomania: Cryptacize - "Mini-Mythomania" Carrying on with the [...]

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