The Herms return with “Welcome All Tourists”

The Herms have been at it for a while, long enough to say Welcome All Tourists is their first release in three years, and the first release for Narnack Records in four years. The band formed in the UC Berkeley co-ops, and lived in the Bay until 2014 when they moved to Los Angeles. Their new album plays with genre like a ragdoll — surf, punk, and western all in one breath — and strangely, this waning affect for one genre and one genre only solidifies them as a rock and roll band, in my mind. Their willingness to venture from a"homebase sound," or their [...]

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A special night with Warm Soda, The Herms & Pow!

Months after John Dwyer and friends at Castle Face Records reintroduced The Herms to a new decade of listeners with the LP Drop Out Vol. 1, a collection of the band's forgotten demos and tracks, the bedroom project is emerging once again to play a show at Bottom of the Hill on December 17. Originally born in Berkeley and now based in Los Angeles, the band is powered by the vocals and songwriting prowess of Matthew Lutz, who founded the project in the mid-2000s with a distinctive pop sound that's equally scuzzy and fuzzy. Joining The Herms will be San Francisco-based [...]

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Live This Month: December 2013 — an audio guide through SF concerts this month (Podcast #321) Download: Live This Month: December 2013 — an audio guide through SF concerts this month (Podcast #321) In Live This Month, we sample some of the great local and out-of-town bands performing in the coming month in the San Francisco Bay Area. It's December again, which means something of a slow down in the world of live music. Tours become more infrequent as bands avoid winter weather, and few albums are being released during a time when most critics are putting the finishing touches on their best-of lists. Likely to appear on more than a few of those lists [...]

Castle Face Records to release The Herms' 'Drop Out Vol. 1'

In the early days of The Bay Bridged, few bands captured our affection like the now-departed local indie rock darlings The Herms. The group was led by the clever and charming Matt Lutz, who sure knew his way around a winning pop song. To hear that the band's lost recordings are now being released on LP -- by the can't-fail Castle Face Records, no less -- is both exciting, and, admittedly, more than a little unexpected. In any event, the band's demos collection, Drop Out Vol. 1, out September 24th, will hopefully prompt some well-deserved reconsideration of these weird-pop greats. [...]

Podcast #200: A Brief Recap of the Past 199 Shows

[podcast][/podcast] Obviously the title's more than a bit facetious, but we did want to do something a little special to celebrate the 200th episode of our weekly Bay Bridged podcast. For this week's show, we each picked four artists featured on past podcasts (one for each year of the show) and discussed some memorable behind-the-scenes highlights, including tales of excessive drinking, awkward conversation, and equipment failures. On a serious note, we'd like to thank all of the listeners who've made doing the show so rewarding. Thank you also for indulging us in this silly look back at the last four [...]

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