Interview: Karl Meischen of the Greening discusses the band’s strongest LP yet

Some people become overwhelmed by existential angst. the Greening use it to fuel their creative drive. “A lot of our friends and their friends are getting married, settling down,” Karl Meischen, lead singer and keyboardist of the band, tells me over the phone despite harboring a rough hangover. “Lots of people see life as having a certain trajectory. But we don’t fit that pattern.” Music fans should feel lucky that the group is so restless, because their fourth, eponymous LP is a truly fantastic explosion of fundamentally catchy and skillfully constructed rock and roll, featuring influences that span the genre’s [...]

The Greening bring collage rock to fruition with “All Of A Sudden Tomorrow’s Here”

The first time I met Karl Meischen of The Greening was at a cafe in the Mission, and the first thing I noticed was that he was dressed in a business-casual suit, had hair that stuck up in all directions, and could talk your ear off in a matter of minutes. But really, I'd never met such a ball of energy that couldn't be contained. He was also one of the most genuine people I ever met, too, but that was beside the point. The Greening has a sound that is best described with that energetic vision in mind. A [...]

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The Greening premiere video for “Unifier”

Psych-pop rockers The Greening have a headtrip of a new music video out based on their single "Unifier." It's a brain-scrambling masterpiece, a beautifully disconcerting swirl of kaleidoscopic imagery and slow-motion effects with a seductively surreal vibe that will suck you in and won't let go for the nearly four minute runtime. The visuals mesh seamlessly with the entrancing music: the slinky electronic groove, the atmospheric synths, the understated vocal melodies. This one is not to be missed, and once you see it, good luck forgetting it. You can catch the band live at the Milk Bar on August 29th [...]

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Giveaway: The Greening record release at Slim’s

I've lived in San Francisco for 12 years and I can't remember a time when The Greening didn't exist. They've been fighting the good fight for so long I feel like some times they get overlooked, but catch just one of their shows and you'll never forget it—the energy they bring onstage is unreal. There's a spastic quality to their performances as they channel prog, rock, psych, and pop influences, sprinkle in a dash of punk and a touch of soul, and overlay it all with multi-part harmonies. I don't know what I'd call it. They call it "collage rock." [...]

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Ticket Giveaway Wednesday: The Greening @ Slim’s 3/7/14

To enter this contest, email with the name of the band and date of the show you’re entering for in the subject line and your full name and email address in the body of the email. A winner will be selected at random and notified via email. Friday, March 7th The Greening, Everyone Is Dirty, Sweet Chariot @ Slim's 9pm, $14, all ages. Buy advance tickets here.

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