Review + Photos: Speedy Ortiz at the Rickshaw Stop

Speedy Ortiz and the Good Life (all photos by Jennymay Villarete) I wasn't having a good day. I lost my dog of 14 years in the morning, but still I ventured out to Rickshaw Stop on June 2 with puffy eyes and a weakened state of mind, because I would not let this stop me from going to something that I had been excited about for months. I stood alone by the side of the stage, barely talking to anyone and avoiding interactions with people I knew. When Tancred came on, I was starting to remember why I was so excited [...]

Q&A: Sadie from Speedy Ortiz is living the female emo kid’s dream

I have been a fan of Speedy Ortiz since the first time I heard "No Below," got it stuck in my head, and listened to the album for a week. What really made me love the band was reading Sadie Dupuis's perspective. Not only on how the band came about but about being female, demisexual, and queer in the music scene. Her perspective was so important to me, because I had never read or met anyone with a experiences so similar to my own. Sadie was obsessed with same bands as I was when I was young too, following everything [...]

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