Eleanor Friedberger (The Fiery Furnaces) is playing at the Hotel Utah on 7/26/11

If spectators were at all surprised at the choice to host the recent Fiery Furnaces' show at the relatively small Cafe Du Nord, they should be even more surprised to see where one half of the Furnaces, Eleanor Friedberger, will be playing a solo show on July 26th: the rather tiny Hotel Utah (9:00 pm, $10, 21+). Todd's review of the small-scale FF show mentioned that "the Fiery Furnaces stripped down are revealed as a private universe of neurotic genius made public – sort of like the music the twins in Vonnegut’s Slapstick might have made" and that "Eleanor's voice [...]

Photos & Review: The Fiery Furnaces @ Cafe Du Nord, 5/18/11

Lost At Sea - The Fiery Furnaces by reversefrasier Ask a random person on the street about Brooklyn sibling band The Fiery Furnaces, and you will be met with a blank stare. But for nearly ten years, Eleanor and Matthew Friedberger have been the darlings of the art rock intelligentsia and quite a few more diverse fringy people as well. The Freidbergers are the product of a musical, creative family and their output has shown an infuriating insistance on reshuffling and exploring, in defiance of stylistic category. As with their recorded output, The Friedbergers' live outings have ranged from spare [...]

Ticket Giveaway Wednesday: The Fiery Furnaces, Thao with the Get Down Stay Down, Fanfarlo

Friday, November 20th - Fiery Furnaces, Cryptacize, Dent May @ Slim's The Fiery Furnaces - Charmaine Champagne from Thrill Jockey Records. To enter send an E-mail to contest@thebaybridged.com with your full name and the phrase "I want to see The Fiery Furnaces" in the subject. The FIFTH and EIGHTH entries will each win a pair of tickets to the show. The show starts at 9pm is $16 and 6+. Tickets can be purchased here. Saturday, November 21st - Thao with the Get Down Stay Down, The Portland Cello Project, David Schultz @ The Independent Thao and the Get [...]

Sade Sundays: The Fiery Furnaces, The Dodos, Jóhann Jóhannsson

Mike always insists I meet him in the east bay. When I ask why he says, “because I’m here” in a way that is devoid of shame. He picks me up from BART in his grandfather's silver Subaru and then we're at his house eating tamales and popping Brother Thelonious Beer. "Marlene's at Muir Woods, we can put our feet up". But when I realized the socks I was wearing had holes in them, I kept mine planted on the ground. Warming up with talk about choices and bearclaws, I began to wonder about his deliciously-round, butterball cat - and [...]

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