Profiles In Protest: How the Bay’s music community is responding to the inauguration

After the 2016 election, the nation seemed sharply divided. With inauguration day rapidly approaching, we wanted to give musicians from our community a space to voice how they felt about the election results. Some were upset that the candidate with fewer popular votes won the presidency, some were upset at others for not voting, and some did not accept the results. Vast groups of citizens took to the streets to protest, with a number of marches and rallies taking place in the Bay Area. As a nonprofit devoted to fostering music in the Bay, we celebrate the self-expression that is [...]

Santa Rosa’s The Down House release shoegaze duet ‘I say I So Much’

(The Down House) Santa Rosa's known, at least to me, for its often removed, quirky underground scene that's seen a revival in energy thanks in no small part to the Pizza Punx Collective - a group of mid twenties punks who have put the once obscure north bay city on the map for touring acts. Unlike a lot of atypical bands up there, The Down House have been making catchy, straightforward garage-gaze since summer 2013, drawing on the Bay's diverse history of garage pop and more recent obsession with dreamy, Slow Dive indebted rock. In preparation for a split with like-minded [...]

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Mixtape: The North Bay’s Best Indie Bands Download: Mixtape: The North Bay's Best Indie Bands (Podcast #341) There's a reason that Napa and Sonoma are known as "Wine Country," not "Music Country," but recent efforts have endeavored to bring the music festival experience to an area that's understandably known more for great food and drink. Over Memorial Day weekend, the Napa Valley Expo hosted the relaunched BottleRock Napa Valley, which drew tens of thousands to see Outkast, The Cure, and a lineup disproportionately heavy on '90s radio stalwarts. Just a few days ago, the Huichica Music Festival served up an indie-oriented two-day fest at the Gundlach [...]

Mixtape: 2014 San Francisco Punk, Post-Punk and Hardcore Download: Mixtape: 2014 San Francisco Punk, Post-Punk and Hardcore (Podcast #334) In 2012, ancient by Internet standards, we showcased a mixtape of local punk, post-punk and hardcore bands that featured terrific groups like Ceremony, Loma Prieta, Terry Malts, Wild Moth, and Synthetic ID. Since then, we've seen a number of promising new bands emerge -- Scraper, Creative Adult, and others we've showcased on the podcast in the interim -- but it felt like high time to do a deeper dive back into Bay Area punk. This mix includes twenty-two Bay Area punk, post-punk and hardcore bands that we haven't [...]

Editors’ Picks (what we’ve been listening to this week)

Say Hi Ben: Occupying some of the central space in a Venn diagram that includes shoegaze, post-hardcore, and punk rock is Santa Rosa's The Down House. I don't know much about the band other than that it includes members of Ceremony and No Sir and has a really amazing two-song demo you can (and should) grab on Bandcamp. Loud guitars, slightly distant yet emotional vocals -- basically, I could listen to "Bliss" on repeat, and I may have to until the band releases more music. Demo by The Down House Anna: My latest podcast obsession is The JV Club, hosted [...]

Bay Area punk bands Loma Prieta, High Water, The Vibrating Antennas to play Gilman

East Bay collective 924 Gilman St. is known for some impressive punk and ska acts from the Bay Area and beyond, and, this Friday, the DIY, all ages-friendly spot will be hosting one of those important nights of music, with an impressive six band line-up of West Coast hardcore punk, screamo, and similar sounding bands. Hailing from the Bay Area are Loma Prieta, High Water, The Vibrating Antennas, and The Down House are a part of the bill, which is rounded out by LA hardcore band Dangers and Portland indie-punks Anne. Demo by The Down House The eclectic mix of [...]

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