Saturday at the Rickshaw: My First Earthquake, The Dont’s, Spiro Agnew, Phantom Kicks

True to their mantra ("Sweet Sounds from the Bay"), the Deli SF powers-that-be have lined up four solid bands to play at the Rickshaw Stop this Saturday, September 4th (8:00 pm, $10/advance, $12/door). My First Earthquake - "Neon for You" The Dont's - "Which Side You're On (The Pirate Song)" Phantom Kicks - "Eyes Familiar" My First Earthquake, The Dont's, Spiro Agnew, and Phantom Kicks will all convene amongst the rickshaws, along with a DJ set from H.A. Eugene (Business 80). Saturday's set will also serve as Spiro Agnew's official album release (OH What Model Citizens We Be, available via [...]

Regional Bias 2010 Preview Mix (Podcast #219)

Regional Bias 2010 Preview Mix (Podcast #219) This week, we're taking a break from standard podcasting to present a special mix previewing what you'll hear at our upcoming fundraiser event, Regional Bias 2010, a celebration of Bay Area music and culture to benefit The Bay Bridged. Subscribe to the The Bay Bridged weekly podcast to get each new episode downloaded free to your iTunes the moment it's published! Regional Bias features performances by Thao Nguyen, John Vanderslice, Man/Miracle and Exray's, and DJ sets by members of Vetiver, Or, the Whale, and The Dont's. You'll hear music from all of these [...]

The Dont’s (Podcast #217)

The Dont's (Episode 217) This week's podcast showcases SF indie rock band The Dont's, who release their third album this month, titled Those Delicate Chemicals. Longtime friends of The Bay Bridged, these guys first caught our attention with 2007's Inner El Camino which fused a love for melodic indie pop melodies and brainy art-rock grooves. Those Delicate Chemicals isn't just the next step for the band; it's a big step forward, benefiting from sounding great and three years of work by guys who can equally wear the hats of meticulous craftsmen and loose improvisers. Like many of the fun-oriented bands [...]

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CD Release Parties, 6/5: The Dont’s, The Hot Toddies

The Dont's - "Which Side You're On (The Pirate Song)" This Saturday night, our friends The Dont's celebrate the release of their new album, Those Delicate Chemicals, at Bottom of the Hill (9:30pm, $12, 21+). The East Bay Express calls the record, "a reminder that indie didn't always sound like it was produced via marketing focus groups. It's a janglier, organic sound than most of what's out there right now, and it feels a lot less calculated and a lot more authentic." Saturday night, they'll be playing alongside Captured! By Robots and Bobby Joe Ebola & The Children MacNuggits. Over [...]

The Dont’s, Finn Riggins at the Hemlock Tavern

Finn Riggins - "Wake" Thursday night, Idaho indie rockers Finn Riggins join The Dont's and Total Hound at the Hemlock Tavern (9pm, $6). The band's fourth album, Vs. Wilderness, came out last week, and they really blew us away at the El Rio Fourth of July show. If you like art-pop with a touch of prog, do check them out, as their relentless touring suggests that they're on their way to the big time. To wit: in November, they'll be heading out with fellow statesmen Built to Spill. Thursday's show is also poised to be the last Dont's show of [...]

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Live This Month: October 2009 (Podcast #184)

[podcast][/podcast] Every month, we dedicate the first week's podcast to highlighting some of the great local and out-of-town bands performing soon in the San Francisco Bay Area. We've got eleven great bands playing some excellent shows this month, so head out and see some live music! Subscribe to The Bay Bridged's podcast to get each week's new episode downloaded free to your iTunes! About the bands: Out today on True Panther, Gay Singles is a collection of recent 7" singles from Hunx and his Punx ("U Don't Like Rock N Roll"). Hunx is currently on the Shattered Records tour, which [...]

French Kicks, Broken West, Here Here, The Dont’s at the Indie

Words by: Emily Logan Photos by: Reid Williams I love San Francisco. But I have a candid confession to make. Sometimes I get really mad at San Francisco audiences. Whether it's standing stolid before the dancy-est band that's ever come through town or talking as loud as possible while standing in the very front of the floor, I've seen them all. And maybe that's not characteristic of San Francisco per se, but it's frustrating. As the French Kicks played an incredible set at The Independent on Wednesday, the crowd gave them a meager couple of seconds of unenthusiastic clapping after [...]

Noise Pop: Wednesday Night Preview!

Noise Pop's second evening steadies the pace with memorable solo performances at SF's Music Halls-- Stephen Malkmus at the Great American and John Darnielle (Mountain Goats) at the Swedish American  -- but there’s plenty of other great pickings. Sights and Sounds helps contribute to the longwinded philosophical debate of what it truly means to be an artist. Park Life gallery will display the fine art of those we know as musicians, namely Mark Mothersbaugh (Wes Anderson’s go-to composer, and of Devo), Bianca Casady (the Coco, her sister is the Rosie) and our neighborhood pal John Vanderslice, among others. A notable [...]

The Dont’s, Geographer, Tigers Can Bite You at El Rio Saturday

Our friends at The Deli SF are joining forces this Saturday with New and Used Records to put on a collection of awesome local groups at El Rio. Tigers Can Bite You - "Colleagues" Other than being diverse with their sound, The Dont's have been steadily grabbing the ears of many in the Bay Area for their improvisational methods of playing. Their second album, Inner El Camino swelled their fan numbers last year in 2007 as well as their presence at this year's Noise Pop Festival. They are currently recording their third album which we hope to get [...]

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