Review + Photos: The Damn Fanatics bring PianoFight to Great American Music Hall

The Damn Fanatics (photo: Patric Carver) I don’t know about you, but I did not enjoy going to my senior prom. A friend of mine had to remind me of the theme: “A Night on the Nile.” Camels and palm trees were involved somehow. I remember walking in and seeing a brown poster paper triangle that read, “Welcome Pharoes and Cleopatras!” The “P” in “Pharoes” had clearly started its life as a “F” with an itty bitty “h” squeezed in next to it after the correction. It beat the theme the year before, which was “The principal embezzled all our [...]

Damn Fanatics and Doctor Striker to throw a mass wedding ceremony

It's gonna be a wedding, and everyone is welcome to attend, be merry, and get married (get it?). Doctor Striker and The Damn Fanatics will be putting on a special event where you can get married, marry people, and celebrate the wedding of the two bands in one concert. Doctor Striker, who is an electronic-synth-pop outfit that is reminiscent of that amazing band from Revenge of the Nerds. His live show is supposed to be out of this world — I imagine there will be a light show packed full with lasers and drones, but even if that's not the [...]

Best of 2015: Stefan Aronsen of SF Intercom and Balanced Breakfast on The Damn Fanatics

Photo by David Herschorn Twenty Fifteen has come to an end. Over the last 365 days, I've heard a lot of amazing new music and experienced loads of epic performances. In addition I’d like to give a shout-out to all the new friends I’ve made that go to shows ... you are amazing. Can we also take a moment to pour one out for our homies that had to move in order to afford their rock and roll lifestyles? (pause) Thank you! Finally, I would like to assure all of the music fans and perhaps some of the skeptics in [...]

Get to Know: The Damn Fanatics

The Damn Fanatics are fun. It's as easy as that. To expand a bit more, though, I wrote that after the first time I got to sit down with the band in San Francisco's North Beach neighborhood. It was the first note I made after I walked away from them and jumped in my car to head home, and still now after talking to them a bit more and getting a chance to know them, it's the best summation of The Damn Fanatics. The encounter was what I expected from listening to their music. Andy Strong, who plays vocals and guitar [...]

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