BTW, we’re presenting a show at the Chapel this Thursday

Now that another Noise Pop has come and gone, you have until Thursday to recharge before getting back out there again. That's because on Thursday, you'll be going to Here Tonight: A Tribute to Gene Clark, which we're co-presenting at the Chapel. Gene Clark, founding member of the Byrds and principal songwriter for the band during their formative years, penned a handful of enduring hits such as "I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better" and "Eight Miles High." His body of work was rediscovered in his later career and following his passing in the early '90s, with artists like Teenage Fanclub, [...]

TBB does date night at Great American this Valentine’s Day

Next month's Bay Bridged Presents falls on Valentine's Day, so we've put in a little extra effort to impress you. That's right: We're putting on a tie and springing for the steak. February's show won't be your usual Valentine's Day Super Love Jam, but it is a fun, unique, and actually kind of cozy option. And isn't that what you want from your Valentine? We're hosting a night of local music with an almost 100% thematically-appropriate lineup (sorry, vverevvolf), in the lush turn-of-the-century interior of Great American Music Hall. Headlining band the Lovemakers are an East Bay institution, born in [...]

The Bay Bridged Presents: Supervisors Chiu & Campos Debate Entertainment and Nightlife Issues at The Fillmore

We are happy to announce that The Bay Bridged will join the California Music And Culture Association (CMAC) and SF Weekly to present a debate on Entertainment and Nightlife Issues between SF Supervisors David Chiu and David Campos on Wednesday, September 10 at San Francisco's crown jewel concert venue, The Fillmore. Moderated by renowned rock journalist and author Ben Fong-Torres, the event kicks of at 6pm with an hour of music from DJ Timoteo Gigante before the supes get down to business. The mission statement of the event is something that should be near and dear to any local music [...]

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