The Babies play two Bay Area shows this week

The Babies have a new record out on Woodsist (streamable via Spin), a new video, a new bassist, and a new outlook. They are returning to the Bay Area this week to play two shows -- Wednesday 12/5/12 at 1-2-3-4 Go! Records and Thursday 12/16/12 at Bottom of the Hill. A band that started as a casual way for two friends to make music together has evolved into a full time affair, while ditching the Babies’ dismissively inaccurate side project status for serious musicianship. Admittedly, there was something refreshing about a band who identified with infancy, playing simplistic jerry-rigged pop [...]

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Tonight: The Babies return to SF with Pamela and Love Devotion, 7/11/12

The Babies is the side project of both Cassie Ramone of Vivian Girls and Kevin Morby of Woods (with help from friends Brian Schleyer and Justin Sullivan). They combine the lo-fi pop of Woods with the Spector-esqe reverb of Vivian Girls and add an unbridled energy to create a sound light years from either of those bands -- a kind of youthful, pre-pubescent punk rock complete with skinned knees, stringy hair, and Kool-Aid stained lips. Their songs have a haphazard charm with back-and-forth boy/girl vocals that make them catchy and addictive. Here’s a live version of their s/t LP opener [...]

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Live This Month: July 2012 — an audio guide through SF concerts this month (Podcast #282)

Live This Month: July 2012 — an audio guide through SF concerts this month (Podcast #282) In Live This Month, we sample some of the great local and out-of-town bands performing in the coming month in the San Francisco Bay Area. So our top recommendation this month isn't terribly surprising, but it's a festival we're extremely excited about. On July 21, 2012, we'll be throwing the second annual Phono del Sol Music and Food Festival in Potrero del Sol Park. We've got seven great bands lined up -- The Fresh & Onlys, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Gardens & Villa, Dominant Legs, [...]

Uzi Rash and The Babies at the Ghost Town Gallery, Saturday January 8th 2011

I missed local locos Uzi Rash when they performed as the Monks for Halloween at thee Parkside. I would not make that mistake again. I arrived to the Ghost Town Gallery mid-set and the energy was intense. One member was standing atop his amp with the only light in the room shining out from behind him. These guys have been making drug-tainted, psychedelic grooves since 2007 at least. Their debut record High and Phree was released in 2009 on Brooklyn's Freedom School Records. They write songs like "I'm a Trashbag" with barely decipherable lyrics over vertigo-inducing riffs that at times [...]

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Recommended, 1/3-1/9: White Fence and The Babies, Melted Toys, The Velvet Teen and more

Every Monday, we'll be offering you early picks for some of the week's best concerts. Do you think we omitted something worthwhile? Let us know in the comments! Also, we've launched a new Local Concert Calendar, which you should be sure to check out for an expanded set of daily listings. Bands/promoters/managers, feel free to submit your own shows to the Calendar too. The Babies - "Run Me Over" White Fence - "Lilian (Won't You Play Drums?)" Melted Toys - "Lost Connection" The Art Museums - "Sculpture Gardens" Sean Smith – "Palak Paneer" White Fence and The Babies' joint tour [...]

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