Mixtape: The North Bay’s Best Indie Bands

http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridged/North_Bay_Mix.mp3 Download: Mixtape: The North Bay's Best Indie Bands (Podcast #341) There's a reason that Napa and Sonoma are known as "Wine Country," not "Music Country," but recent efforts have endeavored to bring the music festival experience to an area that's understandably known more for great food and drink. Over Memorial Day weekend, the Napa Valley Expo hosted the relaunched BottleRock Napa Valley, which drew tens of thousands to see Outkast, The Cure, and a lineup disproportionately heavy on '90s radio stalwarts. Just a few days ago, the Huichica Music Festival served up an indie-oriented two-day fest at the Gundlach [...]

Blood Sister, All Your Sisters, That Ghost at the Hemlock tonight

The music of San Francisco’s Blood Sister is a dizzy whirlwind of fuzzed out shoegaze. Each song, an articulated tribute to guitars drenched in distortion, is thoughtfully paired with heavy, slow and swirling vocals. Tonight, Blood Sister will be performing at the Hemlock Tavern alongside local acts All Your Sisters and That Ghost. Santa Rosa's That Ghost is worth noting and catching early before the rest of the night's performers. The project, the solo endeavor of musician Ryan Thomas Schmale, is a catalyst of gloomy, bedroom pop. Having released various full length albums and EPs, his music has fluctuated from sleepy, lo-fi [...]

February's Best: Our favorite Bay Area songs from the blog last month

Here's our latest month-in-review mix collecting some our favorite new (or new to us) songs recently posted on the website. Gathered in the mix are over a dozen new tracks that were posted on TheBayBridged.com in February, with links below to download each of them individually. Mixtape: Best of the Blog February 2012 Tracklisting: 1. Swiftumz – “More Than Sleep” 2. Sea of Bees - "Strikefoot (Live)" 3. Churches – “Feel Alright” 4. Ceremony – “Adult” 5. Sourpatch – “Cynthia Ann” 6. Hunx – “Always Forever” 7. Chuck Prophet – “Castro Halloween” 8. Howlin Rain - "Phantom in the Valley" [...]

That Ghost – "Morning Now" (from new 'Rosalind' EP)

That Ghost - "Morning Now" Sonoma County singer-songwriter That Ghost is giving away "Morning Now," a single from his new digital EP of "rarities and one-offs" called Rosalind. Check out the warm, softly-strummed piece above and start wondering why none of your demos sound this good. Listen to the whole EP below. Rosalind EP by That Ghost

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Out this week: New albums from Papercuts, Lumerians, Earth Girl Helen Brown, That Ghost

Here's a look at four Bay Area bands and artists who all released new records this week. While he's well known as a studio wizard, what struck me most in recently seeing Papercuts perform was that Jason Quever can also write a hell of a pop song. His first album on Sub Pop is the brand new Fading Parade. Papercuts - "Do You Really Wanna Know" Papercuts - "Do What You Will" Transmalinnia is the new Kntting Factory Records album from Oakland psych-rockers Lumerians, a band I tagged last year as in the running to become the Bay's next great [...]

Mixtape: Surveying the Indie Pop Renaissance (Podcast #241)

Mixtape: Surveying the Indie Pop Renaissance (Podcast #241) We love psych rock, garage, folk rock, singer-songwriter stuff, and a variety of other musical genres here at The Bay Bridged, but our first love was, and will forever be, indie pop. From the jangly to the synthy, an uber-catchy, clever pop song is something to be treasured. After what felt like a few slightly lean years for the genre (from our perspective, anyway), we're now in the midst of a real fertile time for great indie pop. This month's mixtape collects over an hour's worth of great new and recent indie [...]

That Ghost – “To Like You”

That Ghost - "To Like You" A new song from That Ghost (aka Santa Rosa's Ryan Schmale) from the upcoming album Songs Out Here. The record's out March 1st on twosyllable, who have the following to say about it: Songs Out Here is an album of melancholic and atmospheric songs inspired by nostalgia, forgotten places and the hills and trails of Sonoma County’s "Valley Of The Moon." Written partially on the grounds of Jack London's estate--see album art--Schmale hearkens the spirit of the deceased author. Also a lonesome adventurer, a young Schmale turns to one of our all-time great authors [...]

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Noise Pop 2010: Saturday Preview

Saturday is Noise Pop's busiest day, with more events than you can shake a stick at (and who shakes sticks anyways?). Before even getting to the nighttime stuff, three daytime events are all worth noting. Fans of independent crafts and design should swing by the free Pop and Shop at the Verdi Club, while aspiring moguls and music tech geeks should head over to Industry Noise for panels about the state of indie music and networking opportunities galore. If you go to either, though, I'd plan to head out in time to make it to the Brooklyn Vegan-presented Happy Hour [...]

That Ghost (Podcast #197)

[podcast]http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridged/That_Ghost_Show.mp3[/podcast] This week, we're pleased to bring you a podcast featuring That Ghost, the solo project of Sonoma County's Ryan Schmale. 2008's Young Fridays introduced many to then-eighteen-year-old Schmale's lo-fi approach to singer-songwriter pop, but it was actually the fourth That Ghost release after three self-distributed efforts. As you might suspect, Schmale's a prolific writer and home recorder, which allows him the luxury of continued experimentation with new sounds and songs, including his most recent release, the Get It and Get Out EP. The impression one gets from speaking with Ryan is that his creative process is a relatively isolated [...]

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November 2009 Monthly Mix (Podcast #191)

[podcast]http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridged/November_2009_Mix.mp3[/podcast] Our latest Monthly Mix episode of the weekly podcast includes music from nine great Bay Area bands -- some submissions we've received at TBB headquarters, some stuff we've posted on the web site recently, all really good stuff. Subscribe to the The Bay Bridged weekly podcast to get each new episode downloaded free to your iTunes the moment it's published! About this week's bands: Brilliant Colors ("Absolutely Anything") recently released their debut LP Introducing on Slumberland Records. They'll be playing with Hunx and His Punx at the Hemlock Tavern on January 3rd. The Hourglass is Social [...]

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