Introducing Backseat Beat, a new video series spotlighting Bay Area bands

Backseat Beat Episode 1: Moomaw & That Blasted Hound from Brad Robertson on Vimeo. [Editor's Note: Today, we're pleased to present the first episode of a new video series called Backseat Beat, showcasing Bay Area indie bands in some unconventional settings. We hope you enjoy this first show as much as we do. Look forward to more episodes here on The Bay Bridged in the coming months!] Backseat Beat is a new web-based video series highlighting indie musicians and the city by the Bay. Armed with Flip cameras, we interview bands in the back seat of our '83 Volvo as [...]

Pirate Cat Radio Showcase at Red Devil Thursday

Pirate Cat Radio, the Bay Area's oldest pirate radio station, will be putting on a showcase of bands featured on Baghdad by the Bay (one of their amazing radio shows) this Thursday at Red Devil Lounge. The lineup for this showcase is stellar: That Blasted Hound (Davyd Nereo of Beatbeat Whisper's solo project), Isabellas, Blammos, Okay, Blank Slates and Oona Garthwaite. The Blammos - "How Do You Know?" While most of these bands are just playing a few shows here and there, Isabellas in the studio working on their next project. And the fine folks of Blammos are [...]

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