Terry & Louie release second single, plan Oakland show

Fresh off their debut release as a duo, Oakland's Terry Six and New Orleans' King Louie, aka Terry & Louie, are back with another 45 single that continues their streak of wonderfully catchy songs for grown-up teenagers. You'll want to sing along to "Can Ya Tell Me (How Life Goes On)" below and pick up a copy on Bandcamp. Terry & Louie - Can Ya Tell Me (How Life Goes On) 45 Single by Terry & Louie Terry & Louie have obvious logistical challenges performing together, but they're playing an extremely special show at The Night Light July 16 before [...]

Get to Know: Terry & Louie and Tuff Break Records

Although you may not know them as "Terry & Louie", Oakland's Terry Six and New Orleans' King Louie Bankston have been working together for a long time. The two collaborated on The Exploding Hearts' debut album in the early 2000s, and recently reunited in Oakland to record five tracks as a duo. (For more background on Exploding Hearts and the origins of Terry & Louie's collaboration, read this great retrospective from Portland's Willamette Weekly on the legacy of Exploding Hearts). The first two tracks from Terry & Louie's sessions in Oakland, "Looking for a Heart" and "She Loves Him", will [...]

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