The Bay Abridged: Oct 12 – 25

(illustration: Cassidy Miller) In this recurring feature known as The Bay Abridged, our staff writers provide short, witty recaps on shows they attended around the Bay Area. A scene check, a heat check, and sometimes more — stop by every other Wednesday for the most comprehensive and concise recap of the Bay Area concert scene. Simon Joyner at The Lost Church (SF) Oct. 15. I would have gladly paid the $15 admission just to see Simon Joyner play "Old Days" in person again. I got that and so much more — a rainy night at the warm, cozy Lost Church [...]

Interview: Television’s Jimmy Rip reflects on the band’s influence

While his more-celebrated bandmate may cringe at the statement, Television guitarist Jimmy Rip said he has no qualms with how often the legendary band’s sound has been copped in recent years. “You know, Tom would probably hate me saying this, but thank god so many of those young bands have ripped us off,” said Rip, a longtime session guitarist who officially joined the group in 2007. “It seems like every 10 years or so, a whole new batch of fans are introduced to Television because we’re so commonly cited as an influence. I think that’s a good thing. It reminds people how [...]

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Review: Television @ The Independent, 11/5/13

It felt great to be in the same room as Tom Verlaine. I think I would have been content to just sit quietly in that room with him. Television are a holy grail in music. A band that played CBGB's with Patti Smith, The Ramones and Lou Reed, they are a band that changed everything. Tom Verlaine has been compared to Shakespeare and Arthur Rimbaud. In fact, Tom stole his stage name from Rimbaud's lover, Paul Verlaine. Tuesday night, Verlaine was more talkative than expected. After tuning his guitar for the 10th time, he joked that he would switch to [...]

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