Teenage Sweater become latest addition to Tricycle Records

Imagine if New Wave had a kid brother. A kid brother who ran laps around a playground's swing set but was still kind of morose on the inside. Teenage Sweater is the 2013 incarnation of said kid brother. The Petaluma twosome has just signed to Tricycle Records and released their Concentration LP last week. Buoyant in energy yet harmonizing in chillwave synths, Teenage Sweater is dance-happy music for the wallflowers. The duo of Mario Ruiz and Connor Alfaro incorporate upbeat-ness with darker synth overlays, an ear-friendly addition to your spring playlists. Their sound isn't all glitter and neon and nowhere [...]

Teenage Sweater – "Oceans and Seas" / "SWEAT"

Tapping into the zeitgeists of today and 2010, Santa Rosa's gloomy, shoegazing chillwave duo, Teenage Sweater, open their first EP, Kewl, with "Coconut Water" — a song described in the band's press release as a "waves-crashing-on-the-beach-while-you-snuggle-your-prom-date" tune. They left out the "in-an-ethereal-opium-haze-wearing-thick-eyeliner-and-crying-at-how-fucking-beautiful-everything-is" from that description. But, hey, that's cool. Teenage Sweater sound like a blurrier, more downtrodden Small Black — or perhaps Neon Indian, minus the neon. The group leans on distinctly slower beats and moodier synth tones than the aforementioned. You get the sense that frontman and ringleader Mario Ruiz spins a lot of New Order records when he isn't [...]

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