Taxes releasing ‘It Never Ends’, play shows at Slim’s and Bottom of the Hill (UPDATE: stream the whole album via Bandcamp)

It's pretty clear from the opening lines of Taxes’ press bio that frontman Robby Cronholm isn't interested in letting anything distract from the music – especially not something like, well, a bio. Hey, at least he's honest and has a wicked sense of humor to boot: Some bios are ironic and filled with lies. This one is not. Robby Cronholm has tried and, for the most part, loved the following forms of therapy: Hypnotherapy. Equine therapy. EST. Release technique. Aqua therapy. Raiki. Kundalini. Past-Life Regression. Sand Box Therapy. Art Therapy. Transcendental Meditation. Jungian. Freudian. Psychoanalytical. Acupuncture. Singing Bowls. Etc. And [...]

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Premiere: Taxes releases new single and video for “Kali”

Bay Area indie rock band Taxes just released a video for their new single, "Kali". The video is shot in a black and white landscape, filled with artsy upside down shots of buildings and striped patterns reflected on each the band members. It's beautiful eye candy to watch the whirlwind of scenery flash by while staring at Robby Cronholm and Laura Dean, both singers in the band, graced in patterns that are utterly pleasing. The song, which was mixed by Danny Seim from Menomena, is poppy, awe-inspiring, and heart-stirring. It's a perfect track for those long drives, with the sunset [...]

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Noise Pop 2012: Cursive with Ume, Virgin Islands, Taxes @ Great American Music Hall 2/22/12

As a sort of bandwagon Cursive fan — I've only given their 2009 release Mama, I'm Swollen a proper listen — I was a little hesitant reviewing this show. It felt like I was going in blind, especially considering the lineup included three opening bands, all of whom I'd never heard before. To make matters worse, I was attending by myself. By the end of the show — and my first experience with the cathartic, fist-in-the-air sing alongs Cursive do so well — it felt like I'd been through a potent group therapy session. Things started a little stiff but [...]

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