Interview: Upstairs Downstairs joining Social Studies for first night of residency

Upstairs Downstairs dropped the band's eponymous second album back on October 1 via David Mitchell's 20 Sided Records, producing what we previously dubbed "a gripping record from start to finish, pulling inspiration from a myriad of influences." It's a beautiful mish-mash of folk and shoegaze, among other genres, and the quintet is celebrating the album's release tonight at Brick & Mortar as part of the first night of Social Studies' November residency at the venue, a show that will be opened by stalwarts of the SF scene Tartufi and which is presented by The Bay Bridged. I had a chance [...]

TBB to present first night of Social Studies’ Brick & Mortar residency

Social Studies takes up residency at Brick & Mortar Music Hall during November, and The Bay Bridged is proud to present the first of the band's four shows on November 4, when the band is joined by local faves Upstairs Downstairs and Tartufi. Social Studies, now nearly a year removed from their outstanding sophomore effort Developer, has set up four remarkable shows for their month-long stay near the corner of Mission and 13th, with the likes of Cannon and Clouds, Foli, Ash Reiter, and The She's filling out the last three bills. The residency should prove to be four nights [...]

Interview: Silian Rail bids farewell this Saturday 6/8/13 at The Night Light

Instrumental post-rock fans are an underserved niche here in the Bay Area. So it's with an incredibly heavy heart that we prepare ourselves to bid farewell to one of the Bay Area's best bands—not just one of the best instrumental post-rock bands, but one of our best bands period—the Oakland duo known as Silian Rail. Robin Landy's guitar work was like nothing you'd see here on the local scene or anywhere else. Big, lush open chords cascaded from her guitar like a sunny stream pouring over a waterfall. Eric Kuhn's drums did the rest – always exactly right, whether they [...]

Interview: Lynne Angel of Tartufi discusses 'These Factory Days' and the band's evolution

"Okay here’s the deal," lead singer of Tartufi, Lynne Angel tells me over the phone. The San Francisco band is currently on tour across the country in support of their latest album, These Factory Days. I've just asked her where their band name originated from.  "We used to tell all these tall tales about it because obviously everybody wonders about that. But the truth of the matter is, that when we were a trio, the previous band member was in Italy and saw the word ‘tartufi’ on the menu which is just Italian for savory truffles and really liked it [...]

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Live This Month: April 2013 — an audio guide through SF concerts this month (Podcast #303)

Live This Month: April 2013 — an audio guide through SF concerts this month (Podcast #303) In Live This Month, we sample some of the great local and out-of-town bands performing in the coming month in the San Francisco Bay Area. We're due for an onslaught of anticipated new albums from Bay Area bands, and that outpouring begins this month with a number of the local artists we've included in this mix. Both Life Coach and Tartufi have gained members since their last records -- Life Coach recently became a duo with the addition of The Mars Volta's Jon Theodore [...]

Gaytheist, Tartufi, Tigon at the Hemlock Tavern 3/15/13

Hide your kids, hide your wives...Gaytheist is coming to San Francisco. With a name that encapsulates everything that scares conservatives about the Bay Area, it’s a wonder they’re not more well-known around here. Don’t let the bow tie and wire-frame glasses fool you: hailing from Portland (another den of West coast sin), Gaytheist are, by all Internetical accounts, amazingly fun and punishingly loud. And also, for a bunch of deviants, pretty thoughtful, funny guys. They’ll fit right in. Gaytheist will be at Hemlock Tavern on March 15th with Tartufi and Tigon. We bet this one’ll be a rager. In the [...]

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Tartufi on tour, announce new album 'These Factory Days'

The mighty Tartufi are out on tour right now, probably having all kinds of fun while the rest of us are stuck at home, endlessly trudging to and from our day jobs. But don't get too down just yet—there is reason to rejoice. Yes, at long last, the band announced the details of their new album. The next Tartufi record took nearly two years to make, but it's finally coming year. It's going to be called These Factory Days and will be available in March 2013 via Southern Records. Luckily for us here in SF, we might just get [...]

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Mixtape: 2012 Rock Make Street Festival Preview Mix (Podcast #285)

Mixtape: 2012 Rock Make Street Festival Preview Mix (Podcast #285) On Saturday, September 15th, 2012, The Bay Bridged will be joining Tartufi and The Bold Italic to throw the fifth annual Rock Make Street Festival, an all ages, all day celebration of local independent music, arts, crafts, and food at Treat Avenue and 18th Street in the Mission. Rock Make 2012 will feature two stages of local indie bands and 70 arts and crafts vendors, as well as great food and beer for your all day enjoyment. Rock Make is one of the rare opportunities for the Bay Area's DIY [...]

Wednesday: The Bay Bridged Presents the Seventh Annual El Rio Big Time Freedom Fest!

This Fourth of July, we hope you'll join us at the Seventh Annual El Rio Big Time Freedom Fest. It's going to be a terrific afternoon full of great music, including Religious Girls, Tartufi, and Battlehooch, as well as Finn Riggins (Idaho) and young SF bands Night Call and The Heart & The Hiding. Come join use at El Rio for a beer or five, because isn't that what freedom is all about? 2012 Tour EP / Your Face On My Face On His Face On Everything by Tartufi Organic/Thin Patience (SINGLE 2012) by Battlehooch drive by Nightcall

The Bay Bridged Presents: The Seventh Annual El Rio Big Time Freedom Fest!

You won't find a better party on the Fourth of July than the Seventh Annual El Rio Big Time Freedom Fest. We're proud to present this afternoon show featuring some of our favorites, including Religious Girls, Tartufi, and Battlehooch, as well as Boise's terrific Finn Riggins and young SF bands Night Call and The Heart & The Hiding. It's all taking place at El Rio, which has a great patio and a great bar. Good music and good times -- what more do you need? Listen to jams from all six performing bands below: 2012 Tour EP / Your Face [...]

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