Evolving Tanlines excited to headline Phono del Sol Music & Food Festival

(photo: Autumn DeWilde) Scan the discographies of the many promising bands that failed to meet their potentials and you’ll see a landscape littered with disappointing sophomore albums. Debuts are easy. They’re filled with urgent and authentic tracks that capture a lifetime of ideas feverishly distilled and realized. Bands tend to follow up those offerings with bloated, indulgent creations bankrolled by new record deals, or with scattershot, inconsistent efforts that reflect an unease or uncertainty in their original vision. The best groups—those rare breeds that craft a stronger collection of songs on their second release—are ones that maintain the essence of [...]

Tanlines stream new album ‘Highlights’ and release new video

Next week, Phono del Sol Music & Food Festival headliners Tanlines release their long-awaited new album Highlights, but if you're as excited as we are, you can head over to the band's Netflix-themed web site and stream the entire LP right now. While you're checking out the album, be sure to buy your tickets to Phono del Sol! Tanlines also just released a music video for "Pieces," which finds Jesse Cohen and Eric Emm portraying a basketball-obsessed duo who enter a two-on-two tournament with, well, let's just say less-than-successful results.

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Phono del Sol headliners Tanlines unveil new Netflix-themed website

(photo: Autumn De Wilde)   Anyone who follows Phono del Sol headliners Tanlines on Twitter knows that they're a bit quirky. The duo has a fantastic sense of humor, and based on their latest venture, it looks like they're putting it to good use. Their new album Highlights is on the way (and the band has already released a new song in anticipation of it), but rather than rolling out a standard band website, they're doing something ironically novel. They've built a site that looks and functions exactly like Netflix. Of course, the links don't (all) go to movies. Rather, they [...]

Live This Month: April 2012 — an audio guide through SF concerts this month (Podcast #276)

Live This Month: April 2012 — an audio guide through SF concerts this month (Podcast #276) In Live This Month, we sample some of the great local and out-of-town bands performing in the coming month in the San Francisco Bay Area. In curating this podcast, we got the nagging feeling that April is a little slow on the local album release front. We're not sure why that is -- Festival fatigue? Buildup for a big summer? -- but it's likely only a momentary blip. A number of exciting new Bay Area records are coming soon, and we're especially psyched about [...]

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