Tankcrimes Brainsqueeze II to blow minds April 18-20

Everybody's favorite crossover fest, Tankcrimes Brainsqueeze, is coming back to blow more minds. Taking place April 18-20 at Oakland's Eli's Mile High Club and Oakland Metro Operahouse, the event is hosted by (you guessed it) - Tankcrimes, an Oakland-based label on the forefront of punk and metal fusion. The fest has an enviable lineup that offers an assortment of crossover thrash, hardcore and sludge. Like 2010's Tankcrimes Brainsqueeze, Tankcrimes Brainsqueeze II still offers some of its key players, such as crossover thrashers Municipal Waste, shrouded act Ghoul, and marijuana-themed death metal band Cannabis Corpse. But this year brings some truly exciting [...]

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