Sylvie Simmons releases ‘Blue on Blue’ today!

It's hard to believe it has been six years since Sylvie Simmons released her debut recordings, Sylvie, after 35 years of critically-acclaimed music journalism. A lot has happened: fascism in the USA, a wee pandemic/mask war, and, for Sylvie, a terrible accident on the first day of recording for Blue on Blue that left her one-handed for quite some time. After multiple surgeries and much rehab, she returns triumphantly to pick up where she left off: in Tucson with her ukulele, Howe Gelb (Giant Sand) & the Gang, plus some very special guests including Jim White (Wrong-Eyed Jesus). Sylvie's voice [...]

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Fronds live in the MEGADOME this Saturday

Fronds’ self-titled debut LP came out in late 2013 and made a lot of "best of" lists. Videos were made. Sexy videos... Unfortunately the band played very few gigs. A jam-packed show at the Chapel bar in September was brilliant. This Saturday, December 20, Fronds will play live in the MEGADOME at Chabot Space & Science Center in Oakland. It is a Winter Solstice blow-out that also features the incredibly talented Sylvie Simmons. There will be delicious food, hot apple cider, ice cold beer, wine and lots of other surprises. Karen Penley will bring her unique comedy, and Buster Keaton [...]

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Sylvie Simmons: A heroine for our times

As we stumble towards 2015 with our pathetic iPhone habit we could really use a hero. Sylvie Simmons was born in London, but she has lived in the Bay Area for years. Best known as a music journalist, she wrote last year's fabulous Leonard Cohen biography, I'm Your Man. She wrote THE book on Serge Gainsbourgh, A Fistful of Gitanes. She has written extensively for MOJO, Rolling Stone, Sounds, Blender and many more. But has she interviewed Lou Reed? Why yes, yes she has! She also did the last major interview with Johnny Cash. So why haven't you heard of [...]

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