Interview: Swanifant releases two new singles, plots full-length debut

Oakland's Swanifant has been around in one incarnation or another for a few years now, but they have yet to put out a debut album. That's not likely to change until next year, it looks like. Perhaps that's for the best, because in its lifespan Swanifant has gone through quite the stylistic evolution and has recently coalesced into a really interesting blend of indie rock, danceable beats, and experimental noise. They've just released two new singles to prove it: "Open" to me sounds like what might happen if In A Priest-Driven Ambulance-era Flaming Lips were to collaborate on an album [...]

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Strange Dogs series starts Sunday @ SUB-Mission

We've been fortunate to announce yet another all-ages show series emerging this week, the bi-monthly Strange Dogs. Backed by the SF band Weekend, Strange Dogs aims to create bills based on bands' similarities, and Sunday evening's grouping I'd guess was chosen by alliteration, possibly on the theme S is for shoegaze -- with Speculator (LA), Swanifant (Oakland), Skeletal System and Psychic Handbook at SUB-Mission (6pm, $5). Swanifant - "Steps" For Strange Dog 1, expect a range of dark wave, shoegaze and more paradoxical styling from Bay Area bands we're curious to hear more from. Oakland's Swanifant seemingly has [...]

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