Review & Photos: Stereo Total, Giggle Party and Super Adventure Club, Rickshaw Stop, 5/1/13

Stereo Total formed more than 20 years ago. They sing in French and German. They mix Casiotone pop, disco and garage rock as if it were completely natural to do so. They played "Pixelize Me" from the new album Cactus versus Brezel, but also oldies like "Miau Miau" from the 1995 self-titled LP. The set closed with an excellent spin on Sid Vicious's "My Way" sung in French. The encores ended with "Everyone in the Discotheque (I Hate)" and everyone on stage singing in the rain. Giggle Party also has a thing for cats. They transplanted here from Dallas a [...]

Photos & Recap: Super Adventure Club, Planet Booty, Lord Loves a Working Man @ Bottom of the Hill, 9/10/11

I'm short on time this week (I'm covering another show Sunday night), so, as a man of words more than pictures, I offer you a haiku for openers Lord Loves a Working Man and Planet Booty, and a limerick for headliners Super Adventure Club. First, a bonus haiku to set the scene: [nggallery id=121] House was oversold Frottage inevitable Oxygen was scarce [nggallery id=118] Lord Loves a Working Man -"Got What It Takes" Many aim for soul From wedding bands to hipsters This is the real thing [nggallery id=119] Planet Booty - "Ride That Booty" The groove penetrates All of [...]

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