Bands In Portrait: Sunhaze

Sunhaze (photo: Robert Alleyne) Danae and Priscilla feed off one another’s energy. Danae is the lead singer, and Priscilla the keyboard/synth player of the five-piece band Sunhaze, purveyors of indie-pop surf-R&B. Their music is a mixture of styles and different influences. It's a jigsaw created from music each member likes to make, forming a picture you can’t quite describe but feel increasingly drawn to. We settle down to talk to about their music, and I ask about the year that was. Danae enthusiastically replies that it was “busy and exciting!” Priscilla takes a more muted tone and settles on the year being [...]

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Photos: Sunhaze celebrate album release with Phosphene and EagleWolfSnake at Milk Bar

Sunhaze (photo: Robert Alleyne) Over the weekend, local band Sunhaze celebrated the release of their debut album Wishful Thinking at Milk Bar. While it was a few days before Halloween, that didn't keep fans and bands alike from dressing up in costume. Fellow performers Phosphene and EagleWolfSnake joined in on the fun, all celebrating a night of great music. Our photographer Robert Alleyne has this dynamic gallery below of all the performers and a ton of fans in some pretty creative and fun costumes, from Stormtroopers to Bed Peace-era John and Yoko. P.S. Want more show recommendations, ticket giveaways, and music news? Sign [...]

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Photos: Sunhaze at Brick and Mortar Music Hall

Sunhaze (photo: Robert Alleyne) Last Thursday, August 3, 2016, saw local band Sunhaze give a fantastic show at the Brick and Mortar Music Hall. From our photographer Robert Alleyne who took these marvelous photos from the night, he says that the band delivered their dreamy West Coast sound in a way that was easy to get lost in. With the new songs the band played indicative of what will be on their debut album when it releases this October it should be a special one. It was a fun show that included a cover of The Yardbirds classic "For Your Love." Bro. [...]

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Interview: Sunhaze dig into the sound of their just-released EP ‘Last Summer’

It’s extremely difficult trying to stay focused during an interview when the Giants are a run away from heading to the World Series. Especially for a guy like me who, when I’m not working or writing about music or playing music, I'm probably watching a baseball game. So there are very few things in life that would sufficiently avert my attention from a potential pennant-clinching nail-biter of a ballgame. Beautiful music and beautiful women, however, are pretty acceptable substitutes for the machismo rush that is sports addiction. Luckily, Sunhaze contains an abundance of both. On what would’ve normally been a quiet [...]

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Premiere: Surf-pop band Sunhaze releases new single “North”

Saying that Sunhaze is merely a surf/indie-pop band is kinda like saying Thomas Pynchon's Inherent Vice is just a detective story.  While both artists may be very Californian in style, they also both approach their respective genres in nontraditional ways: they're each a bit strange, densely layered, slightly psychedelic and fantastically engrossing.  I'm not saying that if Pynchon wrote music instead of literature this is what he would sound like, but I could definitely imagine Sunhaze's melancholy harmonies filling up a scene or two of the upcoming movie adaptation. Their new single, "North," perfectly epitomizes the five-piece's dreamy vibe: imagine [...]

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