STS9 quietly drops new album ‘Wave Spell’ on Bandcamp

Last February, the jamtronica quintet collectively known as STS9 made a major move, quietly developing a new album in the comfort of their own home recording studio. Wave Spell, released in the third week of January, features a raw STS9 that has settled into a new groove. "We’ve always dreamed of having our own studio, an 'autonomous zone' where we could be free to let the music happen," read the album's liner note on Bandcamp. "From basements to barns to makeshift rooms red-tagged by the city. In February of 2017 we moved into a new studio that truly feels like [...]

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STS9 close fall tour with exclusive return to The Fillmore

STS9 (photo: Joshua Huver) As Sound Tribe Sector Nine (STS9) closes their 19th year of touring, they refuse to settle for anything remotely consistent with "mediocrity." Guitarist Hunter Brown, keyboard wizard David Phipps, drum machine Zach Velmer, percussionist Jeffree Lerner, and bassist Alana Rocklin, bring a level of intense commitment and talent to the stage each and every night. For their most recent fall tour, they have been dazzling fans across the country — several of whom are willing to travel for weeks at a time across multiple states so as not to miss a moment. One of the most impressive [...]

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STS9 return to the Bay Area with pair of shows in November

Live-band electronica quintet STS9 has announced an extensive fall tour, including a show each at The Masonic and at The Fillmore to end the tour just before Thanksgiving...but there's a catch. Anybody that wants to see the Saturday night show at The Masonic on November 19 will be able to, provided it doesn't sell out before you find your ticket. But if you have intentions of making it to their appearance at The Fillmore the next night, Sunday, November 20, your only option is to purchase a two-day pass. There will be no tickets for The Fillmore sold outside of [...]

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