Listen to Frank Abreau’s (of Strange Hotel) new solo EP

Frank Abreau, the lead voice of the rockers in Strange Hotel, has a new solo EP out. Entitled RIDE, the follow-up to his full-length Appetite finds Abreau exploring some new sonic territory, especially the haunting, industrial-tinged dirge "Release Your Mind" and the grungy electro-groove of closer "Julie Says." My favorite, however, is the song "Morphine" with its scuzzy bass line, lyrics that are spit out with vehemence, violence hanging onto every syllable, and a sense of desperation coating the chorus. Though it only consists of four tracks, the musical substance will have you coming back for repeated listens. [bandcamp width=100% [...]

Strange Hotel cast a spell with new single “Witchcraft”

Though I’m a bit disappointed the new single by Strange Hotel wasn’t premiered on The Bay Bridged in time for Halloween, I’m glad the band finally released a recorded version of “Witchcraft” to the world. I’ve seen the guys play it live at a number of shows now and it always succeeded in capturing even the shortest attention spans in the crowd, making more than a few think twice before heading off to the bathroom or outside for a smoke break. The song grapples with a familiar theme in the literature of rock n' roll – a woman’s mystical, seemingly [...]

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Check out Strange Hotel’s new single, “Tightrope”

Photo by Maciej Makalowski San Francisco-based rockers Strange Hotel have new single out, one that veers in a slightly different direction from their previously established sound. Don't freak — they still rock. It's not like they woke up one morning and decided to go folk, ditching guitars for banjos and drums for a washboard. Consider it an interesting tweak rather than an excessive overhaul. The song is called "Tightrope" and it's a more atmospheric offering from the four-piece, resembling new wave psychedelia more than the old-school vibe they channeled on their eponymous LP. It's a laid-back, slow-burning, tom-driven [...]

Frank Abreau of Strange Hotel releases debut solo album

Frank Abreau, lead singer of San Francisco rock outfit Strange Hotel, has released a solo album. Titled Appetite, it not only features the expected stratospheric vocals associated with the frontman, but also a surprising range of styles. Opener "I'm on Drugs" is a scorching rocker, bristling with the ferocious exuberance of an early 2000s Hives tune; "Sleeping Giant" is a subdued, burning meditation on religious hypocrisy; the wonderfully satiric "Medication" blasts "GMO genocides" and Pusherman doctors with a sound reminiscent of late-’90s Brit-Pop. All this plus plenty of scathing guitar solos, cracking snares and rattling bass lines. Both fans of Strange Hotel [...]

Strange Hotel releases new music video for “Double Life”

Strange Hotel Strange Hotel, a rock band so cool they make the Strokes look like the cast of The Big Bang Theory, has just released a new video for their song "Double Life."  Showcasing their old-school attitude, the video is suitably no-frills and low-key, fit to let the music speak for itself with its soaring vocals, sultry groove and wicked guitar solo. Think of it as a preview of what their live show is like, albeit not nearly as gloriously raucous.  I can attest to that fact - my ears are still wringing from the Bottom of the [...]

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Get to Know: Strange Hotel

As you've probably already surmised from the included photo, Strange Hotel is a rock band, and a damn good one at that.  Yes, they don't just look cool, they sound cool--their music combines the best elements of the classic rock vinyl gathering dust in your dad's basement and the modern-day, hip indie-rock lighting up the blogosphere.  From the soaring lead vocals of Frank Abreau Salazar (those Queen-esque harmonies on "Delusion of Self"!) to the pummeling drums of Timi Aristil (that nasty double-bass fill on "All The World Is A Strange Hotel"!), everything about the group just works. When they're not [...]

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Get weird at Love City Horror Show on Thursday

2014 has been a great year for the mini festival. The fire in the underground -- the same one that fueled Ocean Beach Music and Arts Festival, Not Dead Yet Fest, and Hickey Fest, and the very same one that powers The Bay Bridged -- has always been there, burning steadily into the night. It has been overshadowed at times, in this city more than others, by forces more affluent but less tenacious than rock and roll, but with the help of these small, locally curated festivals, it burns on. The latest log in the fire is this week's Love City Horror Show. Organized by Love.City founder [...]

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