Vinyl Tasting: A 2014 East Bay Record Store Guide

The Mallard (rip) at 1-2-3-4 GO! Fuck wine tasting, do some vinyl tasting today! Very few hobbies soothe a soul more than a couple hours flipping through record bins. Add a beer or three and well, it's paradise. Her's a guide to some of the East Bay's many great record stores. This first group is clustered on and around Telegraph in Oakland. 1-2-3-4 GO! needs little introduction. They do need some money. What started as a tiny shop moved across the street, put a small stage in the back, and began hosting some of the best live shows around (early, [...]

Happy First Birthday Stranded Records!

Michael Beach Oakland's Stranded Records is celebrating its first birthday with a whole mess of cool shit! Last Saturday, the label hosted SF's very own Michael Beach. Beach plays guitar with Colossal Yes and bass with Meercaz, and he also played guitar with Melbourne's sadly defunct Electric Jellyfish (they will now be called Shovels). His second solo LP Golden Theft is due out August 20. Hit Stranded on August 17 for a listening party celebrating the reissue of Dino Valenti's 1968 self-titled debut. Local music writer Richie Unterberger will read excerpts from his book Unknown Legends of Rock [...]

Stranded in Oakland with El Vez and The Legendary Stardust Cowboy

NEWSFLASH! There is yet another great new record store in Oakland! Stranded opened just a few months ago. They have loads of luxurious vinyl (both used and new). They are also having some fucking fantastic events. This Thursday, December 13th, Stranded is putting on a very funky X-mas party at the faaabulous White Horse Bar. The ultimate hair salon, Down at Lulu's, will co-host the evening. The show features country space pyscho, The Legendary Stardust Cowboy plus DJ Russell Quan (of The Mummies, Dukes of Hamburg, etc....). Monday, December 17th, there will be an in-store performance with El Vez, the [...]

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