Best Of 2019: Derek’s favorite Wine Country releases

Pictured: The author. Look, from an artist's perspective, I get why y'all don't come up here all the time. Having grown up here, I'll admit that Sonoma County is pretty much just wine and expensive road bikes. And weed. Like, tons of weed. BUT. There are also musicians up here doing cool stuff! I swear. Check it — here's a bunch of cool musicians in no particular order whatsoever who dropped hot records in 2019. Eki Shola, Drift Did you know Eki Shola used to be a doctor? Makes perfect sense, since her songs and voice tap directly into the [...]

State Faults reunite at the Chop Shop with friends

Post-hardcore band State Faults return to their hometown of Santa Rosa for a lively show at the Chop Shop on February 22. San Jose-based hardcore band Outlier will join them, along with local friends and math rockers Sloth & Turtle, as well as indie rock band Pushing It from San Francisco. The creative community of Santa Rosa has long cultivated a supportive rock scene, and this show’s lineup underscores the strings that tie this scene together. Michael Weldon from State Faults (guitar, vocals) speaks to the excitement surrounding this timely reunion that will bring old and new friends back to [...]

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Mixtape: The North Bay’s Best Indie Bands Download: Mixtape: The North Bay's Best Indie Bands (Podcast #341) There's a reason that Napa and Sonoma are known as "Wine Country," not "Music Country," but recent efforts have endeavored to bring the music festival experience to an area that's understandably known more for great food and drink. Over Memorial Day weekend, the Napa Valley Expo hosted the relaunched BottleRock Napa Valley, which drew tens of thousands to see Outkast, The Cure, and a lineup disproportionately heavy on '90s radio stalwarts. Just a few days ago, the Huichica Music Festival served up an indie-oriented two-day fest at the Gundlach [...]

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