LA’s Rose Dorn make their Bay Area debut next month

(photo: Derec Patrick) Rose Dorn just released the video for “Champ” off their forthcoming album, Days You Were Leaving (out August 23 on Bar/None Records). This video rates high amongst those who enjoy the mesmerizing fall of the domino set against emo alternative pop-rock, and we mean that in a really solid way. Props to the handmade domino set, the vintage attire and the mildly spooky grandma house setting. Music video aside, Rose Dorn is truly a listening pleasure. It’s post punk dream-rock and warm twanging guitars. The Rose Dorn trio says they were just “…Valley Kids who dug weird [...]

What’s Happening This Weekend? A Guide To Shows Around The Bay, Nov 11 – Nov 13

Norway's Jenny Hval uses her music to stretch open the fabric of societal structures, explore, and finally, dismantle. Friday, November 11 Jay Arner @ The Night Light Find wry and apathetic humor in the synth-pop trappings of Canadian Jay Arner. Peter Silberman @ Swedish American Music Hall Frontman of The Antlers Peter Silberman will be playing a solo show of his recently released EP Transcendless Summer, 20 minutes of conceptual instrumentals about a terminally ill young woman. The James Brown Dance Party @ The Mezzanine Get down with your bad self (sorry, had to) and dance your politically weary self [...]

Best of 2015: Graham of Outer Embassy on Halloween at the Starline Social Club

Something special happened in Oakland last April: the Starline Social Club officially opened its doors to the public. This century old community space is again a vibrant venue ready to nurture the community that many long time Oakland residents are working hard to preserve. Long story short, Halloween New Years was a tradition started years ago at Lobot Gallery. It's basically just Halloween except you count down to midnight and then drop a big pumpkin filled with candy from the ceiling. The more fun aspect of the tradition is the music curation. Local bands pick their "costume' and learn a [...]

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