St. Vincent bringing eccentric show to Bill Graham

Indie rock and roll icon and David Byrne collaborator Annie Clark, or St. Vincent, will be appearing at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco on Monday, January 22, 2018. After kicking off her latest tour with a double header in Seattle last week, St. Vincent will be on the road for most of the time between now and June. Clark is promoting MASSEDUCATION, her fifth St. Vincent effort since debuting with 2007's Marry Me. Her artistic expression appears endlessly interesting. From filmmaker to luthier/designer, when she puts herself into a project, it's guaranteed to be unique. Don't miss her latest focus, this [...]

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Roman Gokhman’s favorite concerts of 2015

Welcome to my annual countdown of the most entertaining music experiences of the year. I only went to 41 concerts. Life commitments and a family took a higher priority. But then again, I enjoy profiling an artist over critiquing the music. I put more thought into the concerts I attended, so I think this compilation is still “deserving,” whatever that means. Still, some iconic and talented performers didn’t make my top 10: No Elton John or AC/DC, Royal Blood or Kacey Musgraves (who both came close), no Mumford and Sons or Duran Duran. Those of you who have read my previous [...]

Neil Young’s Bridge School Benefit 2015 Lineup Announced

The yearly Bridge School Benefit Concert—booked and produced by Neil Young as a fundraiser for the special needs school founded by himself and now ex-wife Pegi Young—could be the only acoustic music festival in existence, and even if that's not true, it's still probably the best. This year's festivities will take place at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View on Oct 25-26. Previous years headliners include Guns 'N Roses, Thom Yorke, Metallica, Pearl Jam, Billy Corgan, Arcade Fire, Dave Matthews, and more. Although looking at the above list, not a single one of the 9 notable bands I just listed are led by women. Bridge [...]

At the Fox Theater, St. Vincent goes futuristic and theatrical

I first saw St. Vincent in 2010 in an intimate venue outside of San Diego. Not yet a seasoned performer, Annie Clark had already established herself as a must-see live act with her quirky charm and too-cool-for-school guitar moves. Following the release of her self-titled fifth album (if you include her David Byrne collaboration), St. Vincent has rebranded her image a bit. Her current tour has an appropriately digital, futuristic focus, ditching the strings and woodwinds of past performances. Her backing band now consists of a drummer and two keyboard/synth players, one of which also plays guitar. As the house [...]

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Live This Month: March 2014 — an audio guide through upcoming SF concerts Download: Live This Month: March 2014 — an audio guide through upcoming SF concerts (Podcast #330) In Live This Month, we sample some of the great local and out-of-town bands performing in the coming month in the San Francisco Bay Area. With South by Southwest luring over one thousand bands to Austin later this month, it's touring season in indie music. While that means plenty of locals are already on the road, it also means some exciting opportunities to see buzzed-about out-of-town acts without taking a flight to Texas. Those acts include UK producer Forest Swords, touring around SXSW [...]

Noise Pop: Friday Night Preview!

There's no excuse to stay in this weekend, not even the weather - Noise Pop's weekend forecast is more great music, rain or shine. On Friday the exceptional pop arrangements of St. Vincent can be heard at the Great American. "Now now," before she charms your socks off will be That Ghost (Santa Rosa), the quirky sound scientist Rafter (San Diego), and Cryptacize (out of the East Bay - think Camera Obscura with a splash of Deerhoof). Here’s a preview of what’s to be of their sophomore Asthmatic Kitty release, Mythomania: Cryptacize - "Mini-Mythomania" Carrying on with the [...]

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