A conversation with St. Lucia’s Jean-Philip Grobler

Jean-Philip Grobler has been playing in rock bands since he was 10 years old, though that may not be clearly evident considering he's best known as the mastermind of Brooklyn-based breezy dance pop band St. Lucia. Prior to moving to New York for a jingle-writing job (after schooling in Liverpool), the South Africa native went through a stretch of listening to nothing but guitar bands like Interpol. If you find any videos of his previous project, Kites, the influence is obvious. "I hadn’t found my artistic voice yet and was really intimidated by these other artists that I loved," Grobler said. [...]

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Best of 2014: Roman Gokhman’s favorite shows

Photo by Paige K. Parsons Last year I predicted I would never see as many concerts as I did in 2013, and I was right. Having two kids can do that to any guy, even a music journalist. From 64 shows the previous year, I was only able to attend 40 in 2014. That number will probably drop again next year. In judging what I enjoyed most, I decided to grade based on my favorites rather than the “best.” This is a subjective list, so I’m not going to try to decide who performed best. As in previous years, I set [...]

Interview: Jean-Philip Grobler talks traveling the world with St. Lucia

Having bounced around the globe over the past few years — from Johannesburg, South Africa, to Liverpool, and to Brooklyn — being evicted from a recording studio that was transformed into luxury condominiums wasn’t much of a hassle for Jean-Philip Grobler, better known as synth-pop musician St. Lucia. Grobler and his live musicians, which include his keyboardist-vocalist wife, Patricia Beranek, have been on tour for months and haven’t had an immediate need for a studio replacement, anyway. “The ironic thing is that we actually live in a luxury condo, so it’s kind of like it served us right,” said Grobler, whose [...]

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