Clams Casino releases second 'Instrumentals' mixtape

Ten years after America's abysmal failure to mesh rap and rock at the turn of the millennium, it seems that the cultures of hip-hop and indie rock have been finding surprising and tasteful ways to intersect. Examples abound — from the superficial (fashion) to the more substantive (cross-genre collaborations). One such example of this trend can be found in the beat making of New Jersey native Mike Volpe. Better known by stage name, Clams Casino, Volpe builds tracks that nod to the chillwave craze of 2010 and could almost pass as experimental downtempo electronic dance music or trip hop if [...]

Mixtape: Checking Out New Bay Area Hip Hop (Podcast #277)

Mixtape: Checking Out New Bay Area Hip Hop (Podcast #277) Words by Ben Van Houten We haven't written a lot about hip hop for The Bay Bridged. Not for a lack of interest, mind you, but because I've never really felt like we had a real handle on emerging local stuff. Sure, we could write about how great E-40 is with our eyes closed, but do you need someone else telling you how great E-40 is? (If you do, then here's a tip: pick up all three volumes of The Block Brochure. You won't be disappointed. Seriously, it's nuts how [...]

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