Spencer Owen covers Eno for Cassette Store Day release

In 2007, Oakland's Spencer Owen had a Christmas holiday with nothing but an empty house to record whenever he wanted. To pass the time, he decided to record a cover version of Brian Eno's Another Green World that he calls Denotation. Owen explains his recording process: I think 'Another Green World' is flawless and Eno's finest work, but in keeping with the Eno spirit, I feel that part of its excellence is in its openness of practice and interpret-ability, just as one finds in his Oblique Strategies (which I used a bit to help make 'Denotation'). I covered every track [...]

Spencer Owen releases ‘Blue Circle’ on vinyl

Photo: Allison Dietze We told you about Spencer Owen's plans for his Blue Circle LP a few months back, and now he's back with the album in shiny new vinyl. Owen is releasing the album himself, and he tells me he chose vinyl for both the "tactile enjoyment" and durability of records, and the simple fact that vinyl sells just as well as CD's in his circles these days. The album, which you can stream below, is an incredibly fun collection of 10 pop songs, with just a bit of African influence. Read more on the album in our interview [...]

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James Rabbit releases their 16th(!) album 'Marvels'

James Rabbit, the Santa Cruz-formed project centered around Tyler Martin's songwriting, released their 16th album Marvels last month. Marvels is the final James Rabbit album recorded at the Santa Cruz "Crystal Palace", which since 1999 was Martin's home, a recording studio, practice space, and live venue for Santa Cruz artists until it was demolished this year. "We were going to just do a 10–12 song album, but in the middle of recording the property's owner finally decided to tear down the house," says Martin. "I thought, 'It might be a while before we get to record another album, may as [...]

Premiere & Interview: Spencer Owen – "Deserve You More"

Photo: Allison Dietze Since November of last year, Spencer Owen has been working on his Blue Circle LP, the follow up to his 2012 release End Vogue. Today, we're excited to share the first single from the album, "Deserve You More". I was already hooked by the "Footloose"-paced rhythm and jangly guitars, but Owen's almost-out-of-control falsetto in the second verse just floored me with a smile. Listen for yourself, then check out a conversation I had with Spencer about subjects including the album, Death Grips, and Prince, among other things. Owen's live band, The Spencer Owen Timeshare will perform live [...]

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Faux Ferocius, SAFE, Spencer Owen @ The Night Light tonight, 5/15/13

The Night Light in Oakland offers a great lineup tonight, with Nashville lo-fi pop band Faux Ferocious as the announced headliners, but with a "Surprise Special Guest" playing last. It will also sadly be the second to last Bay Area show for Chris Edley, aka SAFE, before he moves to Vermont. Spencer Owen rounds out the lineup, and the show will be MC'ed by Joel Robinow (keyboardist for Howlin' Rain). Below, watch SAFE's video for "Treason", a track Edley says he wrote and recorded in 15 minutes, along with Owen's Knock and Rock performance of "It Work". Owen, whom we've [...]

Spencer Owen – "My Troubled Past" / "Water Drinkers"

Spencer Owen of Oakland recently released an LP entitled End Vogue. Co-produced by Drew Stoeckel of James Rabbit, the album has a bit of a serious tone, but the songs are just too much fun to ever get you down. "The overall direction of the project was inspired by a recent trip to Florida to visit EPCOT and also Celebration," says Owen, describing his process for creating the album. "The lyrics are critical examinations of consumer culture, middle-class lifestyle, nonplaces and utopian superstructures (among other things). Hilarious, right?" Below, you can listen to "My Troubled Past" from End Vogue, a [...]

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