Best Of 2018: Jordan’s 10 best releases to help navigate the current dystopia

Whether it's the environment, the country, or society in general, this year we've reached peak points in dystopian fear and despair. It seems that moments of peace, clarity and sincere self care in the modern era can only be found with our eyes closed, door shut and music blaring. Here are some of the things that I heard this year that blocked out the noise of the end of the world for a while: Blood Orange, Negro Swan A cathartic journey into identity and depression, this record glows throughout tracks of R&B, hip-hop, alt-pop, and ambient soul, showcasing Dev Hynes' [...]

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SPELLLING announces new album, ‘Mazy Fly’

(photo: Catalina Xavlena) Oakland's SPELLLING has a new home on Sacred Bones. Soon (yes, February is soon now), she'll be releasing her second full-length, Mazy Fly, on the respected Brooklyn label on February 22, 2019. SPELLING is known for her deeply experimental, darkly captivating compositions that deal with complex themes, and the new record seems to be no exception. Listen to the first single, "Haunted Water," below. You can pre-order Mazy Fly here. She'll be performing at San Francisco's Balboa Theater on December 10. Thou, MJ Guider, SPELLLING Balboa Theater December 10, 2018 7pm, $10

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Mixtape: Local Musicians at Eleven Upcoming Bay Area Music Festivals

Download: Mixtape: Local Musicians at Eleven Upcoming Bay Area Music Festivals (Podcast #429) This episode first ran on With the debut of the Blurry Vision Fest in Oakland earlier this month, and Bottlerock Napa Valley and Carnaval San Francisco taking place this weekend, music festival season is officially underway in the Bay Area. This mixtape features music from Bay Area bands performing at festivals around the region in the next several months. Outside Lands may be the biggest summer music festival around -- with a 2018 lineup notable for the overdue inclusion of female headliners and a ton of [...]

An interview with Spellling

Spellling (note the third 'l') released her first LP this past summer, titled Pantheon of Me. That Tia Cabral's stage name is in the present tense doesn't seem like a coincidence: Her music sounds like music in the act. Pantheon of Me is a billowing and shapeless work: Airy synth patches, oddly mic-ed drums, pit-of-your-stomach guitar feedback, and Tia's voice, looped and effected and looped again. It's uplifting and brutal and all the spaces in between, eluding genre in a way that seem less like a protest of genre and more like a culmination of her expressive needs. I spoke [...]

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Mixtape: Big Sounds from Bay Area Solo Artists Download: Mixtape: Big Sounds from Bay Area Solo Artists (Podcast #411) Support for The Bay Bridged is provided by RushTix. Visit to start your free trial today. We cover a lot of bands and other collaborative efforts on our podcast, but the Bay Area music scene is also full of extremely talented solo artists, who build unique musical works that are often performed, recorded, and produced solely by the artists themselves.  This mixtape collects new and recent music from ten amazing Bay Area solo artists. Whether recording in solitude, like Fronds and Spellling, or with the support of [...]

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