If we were at SXSW, here’s who we would have seen

In times of excitement or exhaustion; happiness or sadness, one of the most powerful saviors of a mood, a day, or even a life, is music. Before things shut down and the world took a collective pause, we were all geared up to head over to SXSW to see some of our favorite bands from the Bay Area and beyond. Obviously that didn’t happen, but we’d like to still see them in our dreams. And in the spirit of supporting struggling musicians whose work we need so much, we’d like to offer some insights into some of the artists who [...]

Sour Widows release “Tommy” video, single

We’re stoked to present the latest from Sour Widows, the Oakland-based shoegaze dreamboats. “Tommy” hit the waves on January 31, ahead of the band's forthcoming self-titled EP (out February 28). The video features a few of Oakland’s iconic spots and some pretty adorable shots of the band members doing things like eating doughnuts, petting kitties and playing gigs. Shout out to that Weezer-reminiscent guitar melodies and that solo. The band has a lot more in the works this spring. They’ll be starting up their West Coast tour with LA-based Cryogeyser then heading to SXSW to play the Phluff unofficial showcase, [...]

Representing: The true debut of Sour Widows

“Nirvana. Radiohead. Weezer. A lot of jazz.” Members of Sour Widows are listing some of their biggest influences. Bouncing ideas off each other. There’s a calm and friendly dynamic at the table. When they tell me they’ve been friends for years I’m not surprised. They keep going and I point to each person, starting with drummer Max Edelman. Max Edelman: Nirvana. Jazz. Radiohead. Weezer. Susanna Thomson: Weezer, definitely. Joni Mitchell, Feist, Angel Olsen. Maia Sinaiko: Patti Smith, Led Zeppelin, Joan Jett, Blondie. A good representation of these well-rounded inspirations is the track “Whole Lotta Nothing” (nice little Zeppelin nod in [...]

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Sour Widows premiere with “Tommy”

“It’s like the anti-single,” says Sour Widows' Susanna Thomson. She tells us that the track is a bit of an outlier from the rest of their forthcoming, self-titled EP. “The rest of the EP is really not poppy at all.” The single “Tommy” is a Weezer-influenced, gentle alternative song with an I-want-to-sing-this-while-I-walk-alone kind of way. It’s catchy without being too poppy. It’s got a fine, fine guitar solo. Some of the lyrics are so good you wish you’d have thought of them yourself. Of course, it’s not just the lyrics, but their delivery. To get a sneak peak of Sour [...]

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