Ticket Giveaway: He's My Brother She's My Sister at The Indy

Dig the twangy sounds of He’s My Brother She’s My Sister? Yes? Good, cause we’ve got not one, but two pairs of tickets to give away for their Indy show on the 25th. HMBSMS are great. You don't need us to tell you that. You might, however, need us to tell you that just as worth the weeknight trek are openers Song Preservation Society, whom we’ve waxed rhapsodic about before. Solemn and hypnotic, Song Preservation Society layer chilling harmonies over delicate acoustic rhythms. It's much more awesome than we just made it sound. Proof below. Check out the details below [...]

Review: The Melodic, Song Preservation Society, Dyllan Hersey 7/10/13 @ Rickshaw Stop

I'll never forget my middle school bully, Allen. (I say that like he was the only one; there were several). One of the P.E. teachers played guitar, and on Fridays, a bunch of us more musically-curious students would tote our cheap or hand-me-down guitars to school with us and gather in his portable classroom at lunch time. I was one of them. So was Allen. For me, guitar was fun to play, but I wasn't any good at it. Allen wasted no time in reminding me. Repeatedly. Not a Friday went by that he didn't angrily shout at me for [...]

Ticket Giveaway: Song Preservation Society, 7/10/13 at Rickshaw Stop

I throw around the phrase "Laurel Canyon" a lot when it comes to acoustic-minded, heavily-bearded bands, but you guys... I really mean it this time. Next time you need a hit of achingly authentic living-room rock, check out Song Preservation Society. Not too far from Laurel Canyon themselves, L.A.’s Song Preservation Society take their cues from their chilled-out forefathers, layering echoing harmonies over gentle acoustic strumming. The result sounds so damn real it makes me want to go back to a time I never lived in. Here’s two videos from them. (I couldn’t pick just one). “Terra’ is a stark [...]

Ticket Giveaway: He's My Brother She's My Sister, Sioux City Kid, Song Preservation Society at The Indy 2/1/13

To enter any contest submit an email to contest[at]thebaybridged[dot]com with your full name in the body and the concert you’re entering the contest for in the subject line. You may only submit your name once to only one contest. Winner will receive one pair of tickets and will be chosen at random. Friday, February 1st He's My Brother She's My Sister, Sioux City Kid, Song Preservation Society @ The Independent The show starts at 8:30pm, $15, 21+. Click here to purchase advance tickets.

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