Sponsored: SOHN grooves The Regency next year (win tickets!)

A lot's made of the speed at which SOHN's songs come — a slow, soupy pacing that travels with the weight of a syrup. Electronic artist SOHN makes a soothing fusion of thoughtful vocals and dream synths suited for summer festivals the world over — which doesn't sound all that novel, but trust us, it is. Still soaring on the success of 2014's Tremors, the English native, currently based in Austria, has collaborated with the likes of Lana del Rey and Banks. SOHN will embark on a massive world tour next year in support of his second full-length, Rennen, which [...]

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SOHN accents electronic with pop and R&B at sold-out Independent

South London-born Viennese artist SOHN has no name, at least as far as I've heard. I know it's a deliberate choice to keep it a secret—he wants to keep his identity away from his music—but it beckons the question nonetheless: Who is SOHN? Electronic music is rarely just that anymore—these days most artists add a hyphenated subgenre clarifier to further differentiate themselves from everyone else, maybe because critics and fans more readily discard music completely congruous to only one genre. Some would argue that when artists incorporate nuances lifted from other points in the spectrum of musical influence, it makes for a more well-rounded, compelling sound. [...]

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