Review: A wistful and somewhat hazy recollection of the SoFA Street Fair

“What’s the Interruption?” the Mormon asked me, referring to The Interrupters t-shirt I was wearing. I can’t say for certain if he actually was a Mormon but he definitely contained all the characteristics of a fervent believer that can make any atheist feel a bit uncomfortable – crisp white shirt, straight black tie, big smile, eerily polite. Even after grumbling some semi-coherent response, I wasn’t sure if the meeting actually happened. He was an apparition more than an actuality, a vision of some over-sanitized, caffeine-free alternate dimension, a place where my lot of nicotine-stained, struggling writers are confined to basements [...]

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Interview: SoFA Street Fair returns with eclectic day of free music in San Jose

Before reading Jody Amable’s fantastic "In Defense of San Jose," I had forgotten that city even existed, let alone existed with a thriving music and arts scene. San Jose, in my mind, was merely the place where tech bros went to watch Sharks games. Then I read about the SoFA Street Fair while listlessly scrolling through my Twitter feed one day. Over 50 artists on three outdoor stages for seven solid hours? And Fishbone is headlining? And it’s free??? How could something this cool be taking place in San Jose? Well, the fact is San Jose just may be a [...]

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