Noise Pop 2019: Bobby, SOAR, Club Night, Illuminati Hotties bring delightful distortion to Starline Social Club

Noise Pop is in full swing. On Wednesday (night three), Local bands Bobby, Soar, and the recently-featured quintet Club Night joined Illumnati Hotties at the Starline Social Club in Oakland. Though a stacked bill, each band kept crowds energized well into the night. Bobby opened the set with her guitar-driven pop. Following Bobby, SOAR — a local supergroup in their own right — played some earnest tunes, even stopping about midway through to wish bandmate Rebecca Redman a happy birthday. The celebratory mood continued with a raucous showing from Club Night, who played a few songs from their upcoming record. Vocalist [...]

Mixtape: Great Bay Area Record Labels

Editor's note: Following the original publication of this post, we were alerted to the announcement that Death Records has closed following accusations of sexual assault against founder Brian Wakefield. Based on this news, we have removed Death Records from this post and mixtape. Download: Mixtape: Great Bay Area Record Labels (Podcast #416) This episode originally ran on Record labels can play an important role in nurturing the growth of emerging musicians, and the Bay Area’s many local independent labels are a key piece of the vibrant local music scene. Bay Area labels help the region's musicians develop, release, [...]

Mixtape: New Alternative — The Bay Area’s emerging noisy rock sound Download: New Alternative: The Bay Area's emerging noisy rock sound (Podcast #390) The post first ran on The dream of the '90s may be, as the TV show says, alive in Portland, but the sounds of the '90s are finding new vitality in the San Francisco Bay Area indie music scene. In recent years, a significant number of new bands have emerged citing alt-rock leaders like Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine, and the grunge scene as inspiration for their noisy indie rock. The stellar local label Father/Daughter Records has released a number of albums by local alternative-inspired [...]

The Yellow Dress kicks off tour with local DIY angels this Wednesday

I'll never forget the night I stood beside my friends in a small attic in the Richmond District, singing loudly along side by side to "Existential Heckle" by The Yellow Dress. We may have been in a crowded space, we may have been having our own existential heckle as we found our way to the space hours before, but, in that moment, we all felt safe and at home in someone else's bedroom. All our worries were left on the floor glaring up at us in silence, while we were unapologetically belting, "IT'S GOING TO BE OKAY." There's something about [...]

KDVS presents: ORMF XVI Festival in Davis

There aren't many festivals where you can see 18 great bands and artists for only 17 dollars, but there is KDVS's Operation Restore Maximum Freedom Festival or to be short and real: ORMF XVI Festival. Not only does its name have two meanings — one pertaining to the freeform format of the station, and one stating that they are mostly funded by the listeners and community — this festival is for the people who may live a little to out of the way to get to the house show in Oakland or SF on a Wednesday night. This is for the [...]

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