Valentine’s Day 2020: Our favorite love and anti-love songs

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Another day to celebrate your love or perhaps another day to realize you’re single. Despite your relationship status this Valentine’s Day, we can probably all admit that there is a lot of music celebrating the glory and heartbreak of love. To commemorate, we here at the Bay Bridged collected our staff’s favorite love songs, along with their favorite anti-love songs to make sure everyone receives whatever they need this February 14th. Love Songs "Heat of the Moment" by Asia This probably isn't high on a lot of lists about love songs, or lists in general. Sadly, the [...]

Photos: Snail Mail at the Fillmore

Snail Mail (photo: William Wayland) I can tell you that the Lindsey Jordan (a.k.a. Snail Mail) at the Fillmore felt like an even more mature performer than the one I saw at Swedish American Hall in June (she only turns 20 this year). She still seems to present herself as nonplussed by all of it, despite the enthusiasm of the sold-out crowd that seemed to know the words to every song even though they're almost indecipherable in live performance. She's a bit like Bob Dylan in this way, I think. She was joined by two of her favorite bands right now, Choir [...]

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Review + Photos: Snail Mail at Swedish American Hall

Snail Mail (photo: William Wayland) So, here we are: my first San Francisco show since moving away for graduate school one year ago. I'm back for the summer, or at least part of it, and it feels good — good to tire myself out walking up and down hills, to reunite with my one true love the Pacific Ocean, and to (finally!) eat a really good burrito. I first saw Snail Mail live when the band — the project of Lindsey Jordan — opened for Waxahatchee at the Fillmore. Then, as now, I was struck with the apparent clarity in Jordan's [...]

Snail Mail headlining sold-out shows with Rose Droll, Club Night

Snail Mail is headlining a pair of Bay Area shows with Bonny Doon this week. Lush, Lindsey Jordan's debut album as Snail Mail, was released earlier this month via Matador Records. Presented by Noise Pop, Snail Mail will play at Starline Social Club on June 27, and at Swedish American Hall on June 28. Oakland's Club Night will open the Starline show on Wednesday, while SF's Rose Droll will open the show on Thursday. The emotionally meditative lyrics and catchy guitar riffs on Lush are definitely striking a chord with fans, as both shows sold out shortly after the album [...]

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Review + Photos: Welcome to the church of Waxahatchee

Waxahatchee (photo: Kaiya Gordon) My history with Waxahatchee is one that's simple, but especially sentimental. It is an obsession brought to me by another friend putting a song from Waxahatchee’s debut American Weekend on a mix. This led me into full-blown love for both Katie and Allison Crutchfield, because the mix included songs from their early project P.S. Eliot, too. The devotion became real, and eventually I caught Waxahatchee live at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass’ “Conor Oberst and Friends” Friday showcase in 2014. Since then, Waxahatchee’s music has become a home to me. A place where I know all the exits. On Friday, July [...]

Live This Month: May 2017 — an audio guide to upcoming Bay Area concerts Download: Live This Month: May 2017 (Podcast #405) In Live This Month, we sample some of the great local and out-of-town bands performing in the coming month in the San Francisco Bay Area. There's something for everyone in this podcast episode. Like garage rock? Check out locals Control Freaks and Trash Vampires making their podcast debuts. Dig heavy psych? We've got songs from Oakland's Mondo Drag and San Diego's Sacri Monti. If you're more into indie-pop, though, be sure to check out the soulful folk-pop of the Bay's Cave Clove as well as recent transplant Max Gardener and the [...]

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