Download: new single from Skeletal System – “Small Talk” / “Static Eyes”

Oakland duo Skeletal System have a new single up on Bandcamp to download free. It was recorded with Jay Pellici at New, Improved Recording in Oakland, also the home to our N,I,L Sessions. The song set surely builds on the duo's haunting electronic styling (need I say, Dark Wave?) -- and the recording studio gives these songs way more justice than could any venue in this city. Complimentary physical copies are available at Skeletal System's shows. Cover art by SF-based designer Noele Lusano.

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Phantom Kicks, Skeletal System + Portland bands at El Rio 7/10/10

A meeting of West Coast minds will happen this Saturday, July 10th on El Rio's back patio - specifically, San Francisco bands mixed with acts from Portland, our friendly neighbors to the north (sorry Canada). Local bloggers Epicsauce and Kata Rokkar have teamed up to present an early show (4:00 - 8:00 pm, $6). Phantom Kicks and Skeletal System will help support Reporter, a band from Portland, along with another PDX band called Spesus Christ (with Cameron Spies, formerly of Raised by Robots). DJ sets will be provided by Boyz IV Men and Soft Metals. Reporter - "Click Shaw" Phantom [...]

Strange Dogs series starts Sunday @ SUB-Mission

We've been fortunate to announce yet another all-ages show series emerging this week, the bi-monthly Strange Dogs. Backed by the SF band Weekend, Strange Dogs aims to create bills based on bands' similarities, and Sunday evening's grouping I'd guess was chosen by alliteration, possibly on the theme S is for shoegaze -- with Speculator (LA), Swanifant (Oakland), Skeletal System and Psychic Handbook at SUB-Mission (6pm, $5). Swanifant - "Steps" For Strange Dog 1, expect a range of dark wave, shoegaze and more paradoxical styling from Bay Area bands we're curious to hear more from. Oakland's Swanifant seemingly has [...]

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