Listen to the "Last Song" by Silian Rail and watch the farewell show in full

Back in June, local post-rock duo Silian Rail played their final show at the Night Light in Oakland to a packed room of longtime supporters. It was fantastic, and actually ended on a pretty memorable note: the band projected "thank you" credits, which included The Bay Bridged! Those who missed the final show can watch it anytime online, since a fan captured video of their entire 51-minute performance: In addition, the band released "Last Song" this week -- which, as stated in the name, is the final recording Robin Landy and Eric Kuhn did together (recorded shortly before Robin left [...]

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Interview: Silian Rail bids farewell this Saturday 6/8/13 at The Night Light

Instrumental post-rock fans are an underserved niche here in the Bay Area. So it's with an incredibly heavy heart that we prepare ourselves to bid farewell to one of the Bay Area's best bands—not just one of the best instrumental post-rock bands, but one of our best bands period—the Oakland duo known as Silian Rail. Robin Landy's guitar work was like nothing you'd see here on the local scene or anywhere else. Big, lush open chords cascaded from her guitar like a sunny stream pouring over a waterfall. Eric Kuhn's drums did the rest – always exactly right, whether they [...]

Win a test pressing of MINOT's new 7" and Winter Tour EP

On February 5, MINOT released a new limited edition 7-inch, "The Ringing Silence Between Your Ears" b/w "The Means Relativize The Ends", and bassist Ben Thorne recently swung by The Bay Bridged office and dropped off some sick loot to give away to one lucky fan: a test pressing of the new vinyl, along with a copy of the band's limited edition Winter Tour 2012–2013 CD-EP An Era of Institutional Failure. To win the MINOT 7-inch and EP, email with "MINOT Contest" in the subject line and your full name plus the reason you should win in the body [...]

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Parks and Records Fest coming to Bottom of the Hill, 8/9/12 (win tickets!)

As a full-time environmental activist and musician, I've always had a real soft spot for Parks and Records — an indie label whose mission is "To support original music while helping protect the parks that we love." With bands like Silian Rail (favorite parks: Joaquin Miller Park, Eno River State Park) and Shuteye Unison (favorite park: Humboldt Redwoods State Park) on the roster, though, you don't necessarily have to even give a shit about the environment to find plenty to like. Which is why you should come out to the second Parks and Records Festival on August 9 at Bottom of [...]

Don't sleep on this: Silian Rail collaborative album "every/one"

Back in May I posted about the new Silian Rail album each/other, which I was pretty stoked about. So stoked, apparently, that I neglected to properly follow up on the companion album the band released with each/other — every/one, an album Silian Rail made with the help of some friends. To put it another way: It's Silian Rail with vocals! every/one by Silian Rail The vocals and a variety of other musical contributions are supplied by some of the Bay Area's finest. Guests include Thao Nguyen (of Thao With the Get Down Stay Down fame), Winston Goertz-Giffen (of Saything), and [...]

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No Voices: A Collection of Bay Area Instrumental Rock (Podcast #283)

No Voices: A Collection of Bay Area Instrumental Rock (Podcast #283) Instrumental songs sometimes get unfairly pegged as background music, but the best ones are exactly the opposite -- captivating and hypnotic without a voice or voices dominating the work. The Bay Area is home to a number of artists who create alluring instrumentals, from the drones of Barn Owl and Date Palms to the post-rock compositions of The Drift and Silian Rail and the electronic works of Yalls, Tycho and Devonwho. Artists like Judgement Day and Al Lover & The Haters show that you don't need vocals to establish [...]

New Silian Rail album out today, release show at Bottom of the Hill tonight

Silian Rail dropped their new album, each/other, today via Side With Us Records. Check out either of those sites to get a copy and revel in the warm instrumental bliss. If records aren't really your jam, don't worry — you can go hear them live at their record release party tonight at Bottom of the Hill. each/other by Silian Rail The new album is a bit denser than Silian Rail's previous two full-lengths. There are ambient sounds swirling around, new instruments punching in here and there, all helping fill out the sound. Don't get me wrong, there's still the jaw-dropping, [...]

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Yoga + Indie Music = Showga; Oakland weekly series comes to The Center SF on 4/3/12

Meet Katie Colver: founder, instructor, and musical curator for Oakland's Showga series, a weekly yoga event featuring local musical talent held every Monday across the bridge at the Starline Social Club (6:30-8pm, $5-15 sliding scale). Since its start in the summer of 2011, Showga has matured into a well-respected event among both yoga enthusiasts and beginners, while providing a platform for area musicians to collaborate and gain exposure. A musician herself (under the slightly edited moniker of Katie Clover), Colver is able to curate each Showga event through personal connections as well as referrals from friends. Have a look at [...]

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Video: Thao & Mirah + Portlandia + Eric Kuhn – "Push It" (Salt-N-Pepa cover)

You've probably already seen this video, since it's one of the greatest things on the internet right now - but just in case, here it is again. The Portlandia tour recently made a stop in San Francisco, including Wild Flag/Sleater-Kinney's Carrie Brownstein and Saturday Night Live's Fred Armisen, and the audience was treated with an extra-special cover at the end of the show: Thao & Mirah joined them on stage to play Salt-N-Pepa's "Push It". And those with eagle eyes will also notice Eric Kuhn, of Silian Rail fame, hanging out at the back of the stage playing the sack. [...]

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