Monday: SanFran MusicTech Summit III

This Monday, a number of the best minds in music and technology will be gathering at the Hotel Kabuki for the latest SanFran MusicTech Summit. We thoroughly enjoyed the last one in May, and this summit's schedule of panels looks equally strong, with topics ranging from social networking to music production and speakers from SoundExchange, Google, MySpace Music, Digidesign and more. As the organizers state: The SanFran MusicTech Summit will bring together the best and brightest developers in the Music/Technology Space, along with the musicians, entrepreneurial business people, press, investors, service providers, and organizations who work with them at the [...]

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SF MusicTech Summit

When I started getting gigs, just north of ten years ago, I got them by mailing a cassette tape to someone. The intervening decade has seen technological invention and Cultural Revolution to the power of Gutenberg x John Glenn, giving rise to a teeming forest of creativity and problems. Making sense of the spread is a kind of heroic undertaking that only people crazy enough to be in music can attempt. Fortunately for these damned souls there are pow-wows like the San Francisco MusicTech Summit to help survey the forest floor. Organized by Brian Zisk, co-founder of the Future of [...]

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