Mixtape: Things You May Have Missed Earlier This Year (Podcast #280)

Mixtape: Things You May Have Missed Earlier This Year (Podcast #280) Words by Ben Van Houten When it was pitched, this episode was known informally as an "underrated bands" mix, a label that seems as unworkable as it feels insulting. In an age of increasing access to an perpetually growing volume of music, and a culture that focuses on always keeping an eye out for the next big thing, the idea that any band could hold any attention long enough to be over-/under-/rated at all seems unlikely. Forget ratings and rankings: just remembering what you like can be a challenge [...]

New Seventeen Evergreen album, 'Steady On, Scientist', comes with acid-washed trailer

If Lars Von Trier were to have replaced Wagner's Tristan and Isolde with the sounds of electro-psych rock in his gorgeously ruminating, pre-apocalyptic Melancholia, and if Kiefer Sutherland's character had taken mushrooms rather than (spoiler alert!) whatever pills were in that bottle, then the result may or may not have been the trippy album trailer for Seventeen Evergreen's new record, Steady on, Scientist, which features ever-expanding, hypnotizing planets that will most likely come to haunt you in your sleep if you're not careful. The visuals for the video were done by Antoine Boilevin, and this audio-aesthetic adventure follows November's "Polarity [...]

Taking Stock of December: A dozen of our favorite songs from the blog last month

It can be extremely difficult to keep track of all of the new music that's constantly floating around the Internet. Here's our latest month-in-review mix collecting some our favorite new (or new to us) songs recently posted on the website. Gathered in the mix are a dozen new tracks that were posted on TheBayBridged.com in December, with links below to download each of them individually. The Bay Bridged - Best of the Blog December 2011 Mixtape Tracklisting: 1. Terry Malts - "Tumble Down" 2. Cruel Summer - "White Flag" 3. POW! - "Cyberattack!!" 4. Poor Sons - "Scales" 5. Royal [...]

Review & Photos: Farmer Dave Scher, Seventeen Evergreen, Tim Cohen at the Rickshaw Stop 7/12/10

The night began at SF General Hospital where I found my camera thanks to the very helpful labor and delivery staff, but that's a long story. I got to the Rickshaw just as Tim Cohen's latest band was taking the stage. He claims they are trying to come up with a name that doesn't have someone's name in it. Top runner at the moment is Magic Tricks. The small crowd seemed semi-supportive of the proposal. I'm not surprised Tim is having trouble coming up with another band name. He has already come up with some great ones including The Fresh [...]

Vinyl in the Woods at the Henry Miller Library

If you're looking for a reason to head down the coast this weekend, the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur is throwing the "Vinyl in the Woods" record fair on Saturday, July 3rd, from 11am-11pm. In a press release, Magnus Toren, the Library's Executive Director explained his longstanding love of vinyl as motivation for the event: When I was 14 years old in 1968 vinyl was the only way to buy music. I learned the English language through reading liner notes and translating lyrics because I was very interested in music. It’s nostalgia on one level and it also makes [...]

Ticket Giveaway: Scrabbel, Seventeen Evergreen, Amores Vigilantes (CD Release) – Thursday

Amores Vigilantes - I Love You More Than You Love Me San Francisco duo Amores Vigilantes release their debut CD West Coast Kingdom this Thursday the 17th at Cafe Du Nord (9pm, $10, 21+), where they'll be joined by Scrabbel, Seventeen Evergreen, and DJ Neil Martinson (SMiLE!). Amores Vigilantes - "Millions of Brazilians" From Three Ring Records: Parts of the Amores Vigilantes album...was secretly recorded in the basement of the San Francisco Chronicle, where former reporter Delfin Vigil used to smuggle instruments and musicians past security guards. "We really wanted this album to feel like a [...]

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