Best of 2013: Daniel Senter’s 2013 East Bay highlights

I joined The Bay Bridged staff as a Production Associate last spring, and it has been endlessly enjoyable to be pulled deeper into the sonic recesses of the Bay Area’s various scenes by TBB. As an Oakland resident, my Best of list just happened to trend toward the Bay’s warmer side, so I went with it. A few 2013 East Bay highlights, in no particular order: Glenn Jackson – Morning Swim EP The sounds are bright, breathy, and totally groovy. This three song solo debut from Oakland’s Glenn Jackson is house music to be enjoyed outside – whether on a [...]

Video: Why? fall tour teaser includes song leak; band plays seated show at Great American 10/5

The thought of a tour documentary from Why? would naturally involve everything strange and slightly uncomfortable, as seen in this teaser directed by Scott Fredette and Ben Nicholson. Yoni Wolf is rocking a new hairdo these days, and is heading out on the road with Serengeti starting mid-September. At the end of the teaser, you hear a little bit of the new track "Distance," which will be on the next Why? LP out on Anticon sometime next year. According to PR, this Why? tour is going to be a little bit different than past tours. The full band (including brother [...]

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