Sea Witch Fest continues tonight with hex filled tunes

Three different nights, three different venues, and three different lineups, but they're all worth it. Sea Witch Productions has been ensuring perfect lineups for a while, and now they're ensuring the perfect festival lineup that continues tonight. Tonight at Brick & Mortar Music Hall they got Wax Idols who are not a band to avoid or pretend you're too cool for. They have not only created music and a presence that is powerful, time defying, and unavoidable, but they also live that way and every bit of news I've ever read about them has only proved that point. Full bill is [...]

Let It Bleed: Sea Witch to bring rock and roll tampon drive to the Bay

I was lucky to be able to chat with Lauren Espina of the collective Our House last year, and she mentioned that apart from working with Our House, she and some friends were working on a new production collective called Sea Witch which would focus on "darker, weirder kind of stuff." Then, Sea Witch didn't have any shows under their belt, but now with a few down, they have something important and fun in store: Let It Bleed. Probably the first "Rock and Roll Tampon Drive," the show takes on many roles as it kicks off Women's History Month. For one, they're presenting [...]

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