Live This Month: March 2015 — an audio guide to upcoming SF concerts Download: Live This Month: March 2015 (Podcast #358) In Live This Month, we sample some of the great local and out-of-town bands performing in the coming month in the San Francisco Bay Area. Many San Francisco Bay Area bands are heading down to Austin to take part in South by Southwest madness this month. While that may mean that more locals are away, it also means more opportunities to see emerging artists on pre- and post-SXSW tours, including international buzz bands like Madrid's Hinds and London's Happyness. Both of those bands are younger than London-based 2:54, but that group [...]

Premiere: Sea Dramas – “Maker of Heart”

One of my favorite bands of 2013, Sea Dramas, is back with a new LP, Beware the Ephemeral, and we're pleased to give you the first listen with the video premiere of "Maker of Heart". Starting with a lush soundscape that sets the stage for a wave of harmonies, "Maker of Heart" picks up the California retro pop vibes of Sea Dramas' previous recordings. Beware the Ephemeral was originally recorded almost entirely by Sea Dramas' Scott Pettersen at his home. While he was deciding whether to release those recordings, he ran into Jason Quever of Papcercuts, who he had [...]

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Best of 2013: Russell Jelinek's highlights

John Murry (Photo by Amoreena Berg) I don't feel like ranking things, but here are some Bay Area highlights for 2013, limited to artists I wrote about: Favorite Albums: John Murry - Graceless Age: I tried to listen to Graceless Age in the background while doing some work on the computer. It didn't work. Murry punched me in the gut and took me away from whatever I was doing and totally consumed me. The standout "Little Colored Balloons", about Murry's heroin overdose in the Mission, may one of the most heartbreaking songs ever recorded, but there is so much more [...]

Best of Submissions: Sea Dramas, Black Kaweah, Spidermeow, & G'La

It's time for another round of the best submissions we've received here at The Bay Bridged. For this edition, we have four artists that concentrate on retro pop, folk, alt-country, and neo-soul, respectively, but they all hit plenty of other genres along the way. Up first is Sea Dramas out of San Francisco, who just released their debut LP, Soft Wake. Over the course of the album you'll hear some surf rock mixed with retro pop, folk, and even a little country, but I think the true strength of Soft Wake resides in the classic melodies and harmonies from vocalists [...]

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