Slow dance to Schlotman’s “Bang Bang”

In case you missed it: San Francisco's Schlotman released a new track earlier this week, "Bang Bang." A departure from previous riff-heavy rock numbers, "Bang Bang" has a sweet, swimming melody. At the school dance, this is one you find a partner for. "Bang Bang" comes from their upcoming album Animal Glamour, releasing soon on January 29. Buy it on Bandcamp, or wait for their official release show at 924 Gilman in February. They're hitting up SFSU's the Depot at the end of this month as well. Pretty in Between, Mantrah, Schlotman The Depot January 31, 2019 6pm, FREE Sun [...]

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Schlotman talks music scene; new EP

One of the first things I ask bassist Jordan Darula and guitarist/vocalist Lucas Nevrla of Schlotman is if the title of their latest EP, “Dog Save the Scene,” is a not-so-subtle reply to the minor “the SF music scene is dead" controversy of 2016. With a wry smile on his face and in his characteristically slacker-chill tone of voice, Jordan simply replies, “Yeah, we were definitely going for a joke there. It’s nice to laugh about that whole thing.” In fact, there was a lot of positive energy pervading our conversation about the intersection between life and music in the [...]

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Schlotman release second single from 7”, “Joint Custody”

The second song off of Schlotman's debut 7'' is out now. And it's pretty damn heavy. "Joint Custody" is the uglier, darker, more ferocious cousin to A-side "Oakland," charged by a chugging bass line and a crashing chorus. Then, three-and-a-half minutes into the track, you get a taste of garage rock doom, a quicksand drumbeat bolstered by squealing guitars, like Ty Segall on Quaaludes. If you've wondered just how loud and furious Schlotman can get, "Joint Custody" pretty much answers that question. The 7'' can be purchased via Bandcamp or in person at various hip record stores across the city, [...]

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Schlotman premiere new single “Oakland”

Schlotman has just shared the first song from their upcoming 7'' slotted for official release on March 5. Until then, take a listen to "Oakland." The song is a dark, paranoid creeper where everyone "is smiling with their lips shut tight" and the speaker is lamenting the loss of his gun. It's a highly suggestive bit of imagery that escalates throughout and musically explodes at the end with a flurry of cymbal crashes and clanging, clashing guitars. If you dig the track on the Internet, you'll more than likely love it live, and I'm sure they'll indulge your affection at [...]

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Get To Know: Schlotman

Formed out of the ashes of WAG, Schlotman alludes to the former project's focus on straightforward, catchy rock n' roll, but takes a heavier, darker turn on their first batch of recordings. Captured live to 4-track tape in a basement during the deadening freeze of a New Hampshire winter, the band's demo collection a snake is not a rope is full of grungy, raw power, thriving on chunky chord changes and Cobain-esque vocal melodies. Though unrefined and ostensibly lo-fi, the recordings are here to show that the ex-members of WAG aren't quite done making noise yet, and the future promises [...]

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